Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's hot, hot, hot!!!

Well it is super super duper hot here!!!! We are melting!!! It's like 33 celsius or something here and I think in our house it's about 10 degrees hotter.... I literally get in bed at night and just sweat myself to sleep. It kinda sucks, but I'll get over it. The worst part is I can't use my sunscreen because it turns my shirt yellow and the stains are super hard to get out....

We had the baptism of Alejandro this week and it went great!!! There was also a ward baptism so we had more members there and a little fiesta after, so that was nice. This week was rough with food because we didn't have time to ask this Sunday cuz we were busy with investigators but this week is looking better!

The temporary missionary was 16 and spoke English, born in Provo, lived in Argentina and now Uruguay. His parents are from Argentina. He was super cool and super rich, so he bought us all food, so that was super cool. We invited him to the Christmas conference tomorrow. But he left Jueves and Elder Contreras de Chile came in his place. Lets just say Chilenos have a very distinct accent and talk very very fast, but he's super cool! He and his comp were having huge problems with their branch pres so they had to leave, he was super upset, but what are you gonna do? My comps are super annoying in the house still but its ok. This change my comp se va and E' Contreras se va. Elder Huiara and I stay and 2 gringos are comig!!!! Finally English, which kinda sucks cuz I wanted to speak Spanish my whole mission, but it'll be kinda nice. Elder Pyke is going to be my new comp as DL. All i know is he's a gringo and this is gonna be his 6th change. He trained his 4th and 5th so he's a capo! Oh I had an intercambio with one of the ZL's this week so it was super cool to learn from him. I think tha'ts all this week, other than its super freakin hot, hot, hot!!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Normal Days

Yes, I lost my umbrella! :( It stinks, but oh well. It's been cold, hot, rainy and even hotter this week. It's wild!!!! Our convert is doing great, and we're having a lot better investigators now, and a lot more. Our numbers were horrible, but we've been seeing miracles in our area. The coolest is a recent convert of ours, Romina, is 16 and she is the only member in her family, and her parents haven't been letting her go to church because she needs to study for the finals. So we decided to teach her about charity, especially for her parents, so she put it to use and could come to church this weekend!!!!

We are definitely getting lunch everyday, menos this Sunday, but thats ok. Our DoM should do it, but we've been doing it lately. Just going around after sacrament and asking everyone we can.

It is super awesome that I'm the only English speaker in the house, but occasionally it's annoying when I can't understand anything and it's been a couple of headaches, but oh well....But really I want a comp that doesn't speak English my whole mission if that's possible, just so I can be pro when I come home and need to learn English otra vez. 

The mate sets are super cool down here, they're pretty expensive, but there are some that are super cool!!!! I could buy you one and send it to you if you want....

The dogs are so annoying!!! It's sad that I've seen so many dead dogs, but what can you expect when there's like 10,000 in one little city...

Elder Pin definitely taught me a lot, he's incredible and he only has like 5 changes in the mission... He just taught me how to love the people and work with urgency and just to trust in the lord! My comp goes home on Dec 19 and I'm not to upset. I'm actually excited. He's a little trunkie, his minds not in the mission, and he used to be a zone leader so I feel like he feels better than most missionaries and we're having our problems right now, but we're getting a lot better! I would be fine leaving or staying, I want to experience as much of Uruguay as I can but I'm fine either way. E' Pins lookin out for me and he heard that the ZL's want me to stay, but he heard that I'm leaving. I have no idea. But he's making sure that my comp is un capo so I can continue to learn how to be the best possible. I signed my papers the other day to stay here. We had a zone wide change Friday and I was with an E' de my district E' Allen. we did a good job together so that was good.

Saturday we started to fast after a little lunch and it was horrible!!! It was by far the hottest day of my mission. Then Sunday when we ended the fast I was super sick. I think I was dehydrated, but it's all better now.  I'm not gonna lie, it's a little hard knowing I won't be home for Christmas, but it's awesome being here. Tiring but awesome!!!

That's super good Brooklyn is fine, but I'll keep praying for Liberty and I can have the District pray for her too!!! It's super awesome though that Cam keeps doing great! It's good to hear my letters are helping people and that my family is still as crazy as ever and gonna bring 30 suitcases on an airplane..... I'm gonna need the new address when you get there. Oh and for future reference, I hear the best way to send packages is through US post service, "Ayuda Familiar" and maybe a picture of Jesus on the package. It's super good to hear from you and a love you guys a ton!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Answering Mom's Questions:

Last weeks letter was shorter than usual and I realized that Bailey hadn't really told us much about the area and culture.  I asked him several questions and this is the letter that I received (Obviously, awesome is the word of the day.  I think Bailey is forgetting his English vocabulary:))

This week was a great week! Our numbers are coming back up. The weather is crazy like Utah but pretty much it's been super duper hot! Which is good because I accidentally lost my umbrella, but I mean it is killer hot!

Our investigators are doing super awesome and on track to be baptized, but with Cristian age 16 so still needs to talk to his parents and hes a little scared to do that... Claudio is doing super awesome! He actually got to baptize these 2 jovens for the other group of missionaries the other day, so that was super awesome!!!! And then this Sunday he blessed the sacrament!!! We want to go to the temple with him when it opens again after the 2nd because the missionaries can go and baptize for the dead. Solo the hombres and we can't be baptized, but its still super awesome!!!!

We definitely have been having lunch every day because we've been asking everyone!!!My Spanish is coming along super awesome because everyone in the house is speaking Spanish so its difficult but super awesome!!!

The food down here is awesome!! We eat a lot of pasta which I love, and this "barbecue" stuff called asado! It's chewie but pretty good!! The other day though we had blood sausage and intestines of something, let's just say I'm not a huge fan!!! People are obsessed with their mate down here!!!! They always have their cups with the straws in the hand and there big mug of boiling water in their arm, always!!!! It's kind if an art to do all this, but we cant drink it in the mission. But I  am definitely gonna buy a nice mate set before I go home!!!

I am in a country area, but close to the city, the airports like a 7 minute bus ride. It's pretty dirty and there are tons of dogs, everywhere! But I love it. You might be able to look it up by ,canelones, aeroparque. There are green fields and some people have grass.... I had an intercambio with our DL E' Pin and it changed my mission!!! He is so awesome and I learned so much from him in 1 day!! It was incredible!!! We invited 3 people with 2 fechas, to be baptized this day!!! It was an incredible experience. I love my comp, but he's a little trunkie,,,, solo thinking about home, because he goes home in 3 weeks, but it makes it hard to work like I want...

Oh yeah this old lady spanked me the other day because it was windy and I was fixing my tie and she thought I was playing with it so that was super awkward! The mission is going great and I'm lovin it and love you all!!!!

I get emails from people that I want emails from for the most part, because I only have an hour, so I don't have time for a lot, so I'm fine, but people can send me written letters and packages. Packages take forever, but I love them and's better and easier for me.

If you can send some regular size pictures of the family and see if my friends can get some too that would be awesome because everyone has this little photo albums for members and stuff and they love it!!! Thanks, I hope I get your package by Christmas too, I think they are going to hold the packages until the 17th for Christmas, but I'm excited!!! I love you guys a ton!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Short and sweet letter from today:)

Enotonces, this week was difficult!!! And last week!!! We've only had 2 new investigators, but both are going to be baptized for sure!!! One is a joven, 17, and scared to talk to his mom and ask for permission to be baptized, but Claudio is a family friend and is going to talk to them with us!!!

Despues, we have Rodrigo. We talked with him for the first time yesterday after Claudio sent us a message saying I have a friend who has had some problems in his life and is really interested in learning more about the church! He is awesome and I'm sure he's going to be baptized!

We did have almuerzo everyday this week because we begged so that was awesome!!!

Elder Pin, the new elder in the house, is our district leader. He only has 5 cambios in hte mission but he's super awesome!!! Elder Ha was definitely not the best leader. Actually, our zone leaders heard that he's not going to be leading any more...

This week has been cold and hot and windy!!! I think it was Friday that the wind was terrible and it was crazy hot and the wind was just a hot wind!!!! Plus it was picking up all the little rocks in the street and throwing them at us. It's been an interesting and difficult week, but it's always a good time!

You guys are nuts!!! Moving back to Indiana!!!!!!! I never thought I would hear that!!!  And Perry? At least they'll be speaking English! I bet Brig and Clara are happy to go back for Talmage and Bri.

 I wish I could've told you this earlier, but with packages the oficinas told me you should just write "Ayuda Familiar" and that's it because this way they send it through earlier....

I think I'm gonna start taking bets with all the missionaries I know of where you tguys are going to leave when I get home!!!! Love you guys and thank you!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Catching up before tomorrow!!!!!

I am sorry that I have not taken the time to post Elder Oliver's blog in the last two weeks.  He is doing great!  Here are the letters from his last two weeks:

So this week not to much happened... I missed Halloween, that was bummy, but it's all good. We're at the mall so I'll just buy myself some candy! We had oro training on Tuesday and that was good to see everyone from the CCM and how they are doing. I also learned that my Spanish is farther ahead than most everyone because  my comp is latino so that's nice! Friday the heavens oppened up and let it rain!!!! All day the rain was just destroying us!!! And the lightning was a little bit scary, but it was a good day. We didn't have a lot of charlas because we couldn't charla outside with the women with no men in the casa and nobody wanted to let us in becauase we were soaked, but it was fun! We got home and everything was soaked except my shirt cuz the jacket I have is awesome!!! 

Saturday we went to the Lider de Mision house and cooked curry with Elder Ha for Elder Huiara's birthday! It was fun and good! Then Herman Motta brought out the cake she made and, woof, let's just say that was good! 

I had to teach the lesson in the principles of gospel class for recent converts and investigators sunday.. Guess what it was on.... the final judgement. Ya, that was hard, but it went pretty good! Then we went to bishop's house for lunch and were there for 3 hours... It was bad, but we were talking about the ward and needs so that was good. Then we went out with the bishop and had 3 amazing charlas!!!!!!! We went to a recent converts house, German y Stefani. Stefani comes occasionally but German is always sleeping because he works a ton!!! There really young, I think 20 and have a baby girl and 1 on the way in December. They're super awesome and we're just preparing them for the temple. German is gonna start coming to church and bishop, I think, has a new job for him. Then we went to Federico a menos activo. He's so awesome! He's been MA for like 10 years, because he's gay and had problems with someone in the ward..... but he's making serious progress. He doesn't want to break the law of chastity so he's worthy in that way! Now its just the word of wisdom and astiendo a la iglesia. But with the help of bishop he gave us his word he would come to church Sunday and start having interviews with bishop!!!!

Oh yeah, bishop served his mission in Argentina and has only been home for 10 years. He's only 30, but he's so awesome!!! Its just so awesome to see people you are trying to help progress and accept your help in bringing them to Christ!!! My testimony has grown so much down here!! I can honestly say now that I know the power of this gospel and how it can bless everyone in every way!!! It's so sad when we see people that need the gospel, but don't except it!!! Oh, I have my first baptism this Saturday with Claudio, he's so awesomne and I'm stoked to baptize him.Thats all folks!! Love ME

It's so awesome you guys are doing great and that Claras working so hard! And of course people love Cam's work, he's incredible at what he does, thats just so awesome!!! 

YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO MOVE AGAIN!!!! CCCCCCAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEDDDDD IIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be good for Brig and E!!! and even Clara... and me... I'm sure you guys accomplished your purpose or maybe right now is just not the time! Just pray about it and I'm sure you'll feel peace that you guys did what you needed!!  I will definetely pray for you guys and I think I'll fast for you guys and Tanner too, because I've learned here on my mish the power fasting has! It's incredible! I'm so stoked for Joseph and the good influence he is on everyone.  It's so awesome!!!

Nov. 11, 2013,

This week was cambios. Elder Ha left for another area and Elder Pin came in his place. He is from Ecuador and knows 0 English, so I'm the only one in the house that can speak English...  It's really good cuz I'll learn fast, but its a little stressful. We found a big old taruntula in our apartment and I'm sure there's more were that came from. It was a bit of a rough week because we only got 2 new investigators, but 1 is gonna be baptized, I hope. Theres a good chance! But he's about the only investigator we have that's making any progress.... But we had a BAPTISM!!! Claudio was baptized!!! and he's so awesome!!! He's helping us by inviting all his friends and family and he's just so awesome. He's going to do amazing things in the church!!!  He already has a "calling" to welcome everyone in the church and help the new investigators feel welcome and he's lovin it!!!! 
It's so awesome!!! This Sunday when he was confirmed Elder Avila?? From the setenta was at church for some reason so it was really special for him. It was so awesome. Usually we have a ton of little kids running around and screaming but Elder Avila said, "All the kids raise your hand. Good, now look in my eyes and pay attention to this story about a kid like you" In Spanish, of course, and the kids were in awe and listened the whole time... Plus, we had the stake pres and bishop speak so it was an awesome Sunday.  It was so cool to have a baptism!! Claudio is gonna lead to so many more!! Now we just need to help him get married and head of to the temple! I want all the blessings of this gospel for him! He's just so incredible and has strengthened my testimony by recieving such a strong testimony himself. I think Elder Montenegro and I are going to get him to go to Institute. He's a little old, 31, but he's un gran capo!!! That was pretty much my week! Add 0 food from members and a lot of walking, its ok though because we went around in church begging for food and now we have lunch everyday and dinner for a couple... they don't eat dinner down here... so thats super nice!!!

Ps in the pic is E' MonteBlack, Yo, Hno Motta( DoM), Claudio, and his 2 hermanos.

Good to hear from you guys!!!  Is so awesome that they loved doing the splits with the missionairies!!! Now they know a little bit of what I feel now. No but my spanish is so much better. It's increasing exponentially! I can't spell in English anymore cuz Spanish is easier to spell things. Its super wierd now because when I talk to people in English, I end up switching to Spanish and its awesome but confusinfg!! So Cam got the job???? I figured!!!!  So good to hear from you guys!! Love you all a ton!!!!!!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Another awesome letter from Elder Oliver

Bailey has started writing a form letter and taking a picture to forward as an email.  If he wants to say anything personal or respond to a specific email, then he does that separately.  His reference to his "idea" is regarding this new plan to get to more emails.  Last week's picture of his form letter was very dark and extremely hard to read and type back on the blog!:

Sorry my letter idea sucked and the pics were dark, I'll try to better next week, but this week it might be the same.... It makes it so I can actually read peoples emails and write back!

I'm gonna have no clothes if I'm always giving them away, but it's so worth it!!! I'm gonna be so broke from my mission¡ I want to buy Claudio I nice Bible and BoM. Usually you just buy your baptisms an ok BoM, but he's my first investigator and he's so awesome!!! We taught him yesterday about the Sabbath Day holy and he said that the whole day he had been reading and stuff because he felt like he shouldn't do anything on Sundays.... He truly has been prepared by angels!!! We were gonna baptize him this Saturday, but its fast Sunday and bishop wants to get the word out so more people will be there, so we have to wait 2 weeks... :( but its ok, it'll be way better!)  We also have about 4 other investigators that are GOING to be baptized this month! My comp and my goal is 8 baptisms before he goes home DEC 19. Were gonna do it!!! Our zones goal is 5 a month and i want to get all 5!!!!

Our apartment is a bit sketch, but really not toooo bad. There are some way better and some way worse, so I'm like in the middle... Joseph is doing super great and I didn't know about Austin!!! That just made my day! I pray hard for those two!!... now time for Brig and Ethan. I'll find some scriptures this week!! Plus you might wanna listen to the talk by John Bytheway, I think its called "Get off the tv and get a life" I have all the talks on my ipod, but I don't listen to them to much. We don't have much time.  My Spanish is decent. I can talk a little better and I'm starting to understand a tiny tiny bit...The hardest thing was Saturday and Sunday... Saturday was probably the hardest day in my mission, because we cant find nuevos!!! The best thing though had to be having 6 investigators in the chapel!!! If you could pray to help me with that, that would be great!!!! Love you all so much!!!

Oh PS I've been thinking that I need like business cards or magnets or something with my email and my facebook info... in Spanish... to give to the people in my areas, if you could? I dunno, its not that important, but it would be nice!!! oh and this is why i do the pic thing because there's so much more I'm gonna say in the emails...

And the picture letter:

October 21, 2013
P-Day, P-Day, P-Day !  We went to the mall to write home and after we wrote, we went to Subway at the mall and I had the most awkward experience of my life!  This mom has her kid in a stroller and the kid was me and started to try to get out of his stroller.  When he couldn't, he started to cry.  When he finally got out of the stroller, he stopped crying and came over to me and grabbed my leg and wanted me to pick him up.  It's against the rules, but Elder Ha, district leader, told me to, so I did.  I held him for like a minute and then put him back in his stroller, but he started to cry again.  His mom got the food and sat down a couple tables down from us and the kid was still crying.  He then came back to me!  That's when I decided to get up and leave.  Everyone, including his mom was laughing.  The weird thing was  the mom was young and had black hair, and this boy was, I dunno he could walk, but not talk, but he had blonde hair.  I promise, I've never been to Uruguay.  It was so awkward!  Then we came back and cleaned and that was my day.  Monday was an interesting day.

The weather down here right now is more crazy than Utah.  It's hot, then cold, then rainy, then it's super windy.  It's just loco!  We have an investigator, her name is Noella.  She is single and has 4 kids.  One of the kids uses a wheelchair and the cool thing is the wheelchair came from the church!  She's awesome and went to church.

Saturday and Sunday were hard days.  Especially Saturday.  Both days we had a lot planned out and then ended up with nothing... except a lot of menos activos.  It's good to teach menos activos pero necesitamos nuevos.  (It's good to teach less actives, but we need new (investigators))  Saturday was probably the hardest day in my mission so far.  Church was spectacular though, we had 6 investigators in church!  Our numbers the other weeks were 1-0-0-2---6!!!!  Plus, we had 4 recent converts and 2 menos activos!  We only had one charla (discussion) all day, but it was with Claudio!!!
Claudio has been prepared by angels!!!  In sacrament he said, "When can I be baptized?"  We tried for Saturday, but we couldn't get the announcement out in time, plus it is fast Sunday.  Pero, dos semanas and we'll do it!  In charla, we talked about keeping the sabbath day holy, and he told us that he doesn't feel like he should do anything after going to church on Sundays anyway!

Oh, we had a ward talent show Thursday, it was great because there was food!  You don't know hungry until you are missionary!  Oh, and I never thought I'd say this, but I am excited for fast Sundays--it is so great and helpful!  That's about all I can think of... Oh, and Spanish is hard!!!  That's all.

From Cary---I am glad I know some Spanish, because I figure with all of this Spanglish, Elder Oliver's letters will be in all Spanish by the time he is done with his mission:)

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Missionary work is stinkin' hard"

Yes, this appears to be where Elder Oliver lives!

 And the letter:

"Its great to hear from you.  I wrote my email this time before to save time and have more time to read the emails.  Let me know what you think!  If you could start putting all your questions and the most important stuff at the bottom of the email so that I can read the questions and type that would be great too!  The weather is being dumb, and my allergies are super bad down here, but I'm gonna go get meds for it today.  The new investigators are great except the family....They are baptist and are super awesome and nice but the are only reading LDM to defend their religion and not to know it is true, so we are gonna stop visiting them for now.

This week was hard, but it flew by so fast!  Our area makes us walk a ton!  Our main area is about a 25 min walk to everything, Belle View is about a 45 min (possibly longer) walk, and we have the area "El Tato" that's 2km farther than Belle Vista, but we haven't gone there yet.  I don't think we want to...we don't have a map and it would just wast our day.  Last p-day, we just SLEPT, it was GREAT.  we got a new investigator on Tuesday.  Her name is Brandy and she is 10 years old.  It was super awkward when I asked her to get baptized, but I think her family wants to be baptized as well, but ehay are hard to work around.  Friday we all worked in the HHE, area because they are struggling.  Their area is super rich so it is kind of hard to teach people there.  After that I felt pretty sick, I think because of lunch, but, oh well.  Saturday morning we did service for a lady in our wars.  We set the concrete on her roof.  It was super hot and hard work, but I had been wanting to do service.  After that we got lunch so that's always nice!  we actually got lunch every day this week!  After lunch,  we started to fast for and with an investigator, Elena.  She's been an investigator for a couple months and she is more like a member, but she cant get baptized because of her boyfriend.   They have lived together for like 7 years.  he wont marry her!  It's probably the biggest problem we have down here!  And it's not the money, it's just the men don't want to marry the women! 

Our investigator, Claudio came to church and I think he felt really welcomed and had a good time, so I am pretty sure in a week or two we will finally have my 1st baptism! Oh, plus I gave a talk on the importance of missionary work.  It was rough, the Spanish is slowly coming, but it's still hard!  Sunday I almost gave a white shirt and tie away to someone because most all his clothes were stolen and we wanted him to come to church, but he didn't show up.  I've learned this week that missionary work is stinkin' hard, but super rewarding!

Elder Oliver

Monday, October 14, 2013

Two months out!

Pday again, times flyin.  It's already been 2 months.  The mision is going great! Lots of walking. Lots of of working, and lots of eating! Its been cold and hot and the weather is like Utah, it just won't make up its mind. My Spanish is coming along really well, I still can't understand anything, but it's coming along.  I can talk a lot more! We eat with the members a lot! We actually have lunch every day this week, which is good cuz i have no money! I have about 1300 pesos I need reimbursed for but the financiers are super slow at it! Elder Ha, who I live with, used to be a financier and he said it only took him about 2 days and its been over a week! I did buy food today though. The only thing I look forward to on Pdays is writing, because my comp doesn't like to do anything, so we pretty much do nothing. Last week took a 40 min bus ride to a huge mall for nothing... I did get Mcdonalds though! It was 15 dollars for a meal with small drink med fry and an extra burger.... It was worth it though! Then we went to a Walmart type store so my comp could buy a new tie... then we left. It's alright though, I don't really need anything. Let's see. This week was a struggle. We didn't really have investigators, but then Saturday we started to fast and the miracles started to happen. Plus we've been doing things different and teaching from the BoM better and the spirit has been so much stronger in our lessons. We had a lesson with a recent convert and her non member friend, both much older, and the spirit was so strong at the end we asked her to pray to see if she should go to church the next day. We all knelt down, except her cuz she couldn't and she prayed, but she was like I know I'm not ready but when I am should go. I know she got an answer, but wasn't specific in her question... it's so sad, but we did all we could for her.  She and about 3 other investigators we are gonna stop focusing on because they are just not progressing... Its super sad, and hard because finding people is super hard, BUT  we've found 3 new investigators, one family, that are totally ready for baptism and it's just super awesome and about time because we haven't really had any true success until now and its just great!  It's just super great to finally be having success and the bishop is super awesome and super helpful.   He's super young too, he just had his second child, but he served in Argentina and he's trying to help us be the best missionaries we possibly can be and helping us get help from the members. What else?  We've been waking up at 6 to play soccer in the church. I'd rather sleep for another 30mins but its 3 against one.

Its super good to hear from you guys and awesome to hear how good you are doing.   Everyone is doing exciting things and it's just great.  I got a package from momom and popop that was so nice!  It was a little notebook, post it notes, adress labels and some ballons oh and a laser pointer-flashlight. Next email can you send recipes for breakfast lunch and maybe some desserts?  And how to make the potato salad and egg salad.  The recipes prefferably need to be simple and stove top or microwave. They can be for the oven but we haven't used it yet cuz theres no time.  It's amazing to hear that the oil stuff is working so well, especially with Cam.  Next time I will try to get more pics, but this computer doesn't have a place for an sd card. Next package I need those twistable scripture markers, if you can, cuz I'm out of the green, and a normal sized photo of the family cuz people love pics down here.  I love you all and its super great to hear from you.  I can't wait to call you in just 2 months.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A sweet letter from Bailey's mission:

Dear Oliver Family,

            Tuesday, the 24th of September, we went to the airport in Montevideo, Uruguay, to pick up Elder Oliver and welcome him into our mission.  He arrived full of excitement and enthusiasm to get to work.
            We spent the day getting to know him, and we recognized that he will be a great asset to us here in the mission.  We know that he will bless the lives of many wonderful people.
            That Wednesday was transfer day and after meeting with his trainer, he headed off to his first area so that he could start ¨ [bringing] to pass the immortality and eternal life of man¨.
            We are now sending you a photo of him and his trainer, Elder Montenegro.  As you can see, he is extremely excited and ready to start.  We are so excited to have your son with us and hope that you receive this photo with excitement and pride in all that your son has done to prepare himself for the opportunity that he now has to serve the Lord for the next two years.

                                                                                                          The Newsomes

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Picture and the newest letter October 7

Hola! So this week has been pretty long and rough! It's been rainy and super cold this week! It finally got nice yesterday! Our area is super huge so we walk a ton and all the references and old investigators adresses from the last missionaries are wrong so its super annoying when you walk 45 mins to find an investigator only to find out that the house doesn't exist. It just wastes our time. Plus, a lot of their "investigators" we took over aren't interested at all, so we've been trying to find a lot of new ones this week, but that was hard with conference taking up yesterday and Saturday. We were at the church all day so we got 0 work done on Saturday and Sunday in our area. We worked for like an hour in different areas with the offices (assistants, secretaries and financers) Because that's their area and got some work done. It was fun to go out with a different missionary, who spoke english, and learn from them. I love my companion! He's super great, but it gets really annoying sometimes that he doesn't speak english. And I'm trying so hard to be patient with my comp in the fact that he eats like a rabid dog who hasn't been fed in over a week, every time we eat!!! I mean we're missionaries and always hungry but not that hungry. The worst is when he eats his cereal during personal study.... OH well, he's super awesome other than that. My spanish is coming along really well I feel like, at least in the way that I can talk better. I still can't understand squat!!!! People say the understanding takes about 6 months because they speak such ugly spanish down here!!! Plus everyone says I'm blessed to have a latin comp because in 2 weeks when we meet back up with my district from the mtc for oro training they say I will be further ahead than everyone because I'm only ever around Spanish. I hope so cuz its been a struggle!

I've been seeing and realizing that miracles happen every day, big and small. Juan y Laura, our very 1st contact on my 1st day, have been great investigators. I think it was Tues that they told us in our charla that they wanted to quit smoking!!!! We had only taught them the restoration! It was awesome! I've learned to love the people down here! Its upsetting when they don't wanna hear the gospel! or when they don't keep up their commitments, like Laura! She says she knows what were saying is true, but she won't pray about it! She prays every day, just not about her questions.

The members down here take care of us and help us a lot! They're awesome! For some reason the people who feed us most are the menos activos so its always a good chance to get to know them and invite them to church. Wed this one couple made "Barbeque" they have no sauce or flavoring down here, but it was still good. the only problem is he kept loading us up with meat and I was full! That was the longest 30 min walk home ever! I thought I was gonna pop! Right now we're at this big mall writing, getting food and I think Elder Ha wants to go tie shopping. I wanted to go into a couple of the stores, but my comp doesn't understand that you can go into a store to look, you don't have to know what you're going to buy! Its ok though itll help me save my money! We definetely need feed! We brought it all to conference Saturday and ate it and then had no food for Sunday. Luckily we have these huge bags of cereal!!! The hardest thing for me has been waking up and working out in the mornings! I don't mind waking up, but on the mission its hard to wake up knowing your just gonna start working out! Plus Saturday we got home at 12 30 cuz priesthood session went till 11 and we had to set our clocks back an hour so we got 5 hours of sleep....

Conference was great though!!! It was fun and you get so much more out of it when its literally your job to be there watching! There were some spectacular talks and I wish my investigators would've gone. Pres Monson said very last that this conference has been one of the best, EVER! My favorite talk was probably by.. .No se,.,, I think it was Elder Holland? It was the last talk on Saturday morning! I just got so much out of it for my investigators, menos activos and just everyone!  I thought i was gonna have time to email to review my journal and notes, so I don't remember a whole lot, but it was a great session. If you want a talk on tithing you should watch elder Bednar's, he layed the smack down! " If you are not a full tithe payer you need to change your ways and repent now" The 13 North Americans watching together thought that was great.

It's great to here from you guys!!!! It's awesome you guys are all doing great and that everyone's happy!!! You guys are all doin so much its gonna be crazy when I get back! I don't have any pics, well maybe one, cuz I haven't had time to take any cuz were always busy, but I'll try to get you some by next week! And no, our apartment is not clean, even if we clean it all day today it wont be clean... I'll show you in a pic next week!

If you could activate my personal debit card to make it work down here that would be great! Also in a package if you could send a regular sized pic of the family that would be great, or a letter. People for some reason down here can't figure out who the parents are in our family pictures??? They all think Clara's the mom???? They also think Clara is the most beautiful woman on this planet! It's funny to try to listen to people talk about all that and how e and i are the same and cam and brig are the same. I miss you guys a lot and prey for you daily and its good to here the same. Love you all!


September 30th email--Mom got behind in posting:)

Hey! I`m doin great! It wasnt very fun waking up at 3 on Tues to come here, but its alright. The first day was wild! The elderly missionaries cooked us all american food in the mission home, which is huge and fancy. Then we went proselyting with someone, came back, had some class type things, went to bed and the next day we met our trainers, got our area and went to work!

My comps name is Elder Montenegro. He is such a good missionary! He`s from Peru and only has 3 months left, so ill kill him (Be his last comp before he goes home). He's from Peru and he's awesome! He was a ZL for a while and I am the 2nd person he's trained. Before I got to know him, everyone told me he is an example of what all missionaries should be like and I agree!

Our area is Aeroparque B in the Este Zone. We proabably have the biggest area. Take the country and split it into 12 zones, then take our zone and split it in half, then take that and split it just a little more than half and that's our area if that makes sense. Let's just say its massive!!!!

I love it here though. The members feed us almost everyday and its really good! The people in our area are really kind and receptive. Our area is right by the airport so its super close to the city but not in it. All the roads are dirt, but its not bad.

Church was kinda awful. I hate to say it, but if I was an investigator, I would not come back. I guess we have a big ward but the schedule is backwards so sacrament last. It was disorganized, I think the bishop forgot to assign talks and during sacrament kids were literally running around and people kept leaving and coming back, it was wild! But the members are super helpful and take care of us so that's good! And the ward mission leader lives in this fenced in area with like 4 houses and they're all his family so they all help us with teaching and feed us a lot and its awesome!!!

Our house is a different story. It has 3 broken windows so we get a nice breeze, but its super cold down here, in the spring, so thats not so nice. In the night and morning its freezing... for now. We also live with another companionship, Elder Ha, DL from Korea, and Elder I cant spell his name from Peru. He's an ORO, gold, like me for another 3 weeks. Oros are the newbies for 12 weeks till they lose there trainer. But its fun being in the house even though its super dirty and even though were gonna try to clean it today I hear that house never gets clean. Oh and in our "study room" The light doesn't work so at night we have to plan in the kitchen. Down here you dont get a dinner hour because you have lunch with the members so at night were starving!! But all I've had for the past couple days for breakfast and "Dinner" Is eggs bread and rice. There's not an actual store in our area just a couple little markets so were definetely going shopping today!!!

We have 5 fechas, baptism dates, but I don't think any of them will be ready by there dates. Only 2 of those are ones we found but its still awesome to actually have our own investigators!! President Newsome is awesome but I wont really get to know him, unless I end up in the offices some time on my mission. Hes cool though. He and his wife are just super nice. I also found out this is one of the highest baptizing missions so that's cool. Spanish is slowly coming. Very slowly. Its super stressfull!!! And I don't understand nada!! Its so annoying! My comp only speaks spanish. He understands most english and can speak a tiny. The only person I talk to in english is elder ha and i don't see him a lot and he speaks korean english... I love it out here! Its hard and tiring and cold but i love it!!!

Its way cool that cam got a new job! That's exciting!!!! I'm glad you all are doing well and I'm super glad cam is happy right now.  I've been praying a lot for him and all of you guys. Umm. I'm excited for your package. Next package I would like some sticky notes, big and small if you could cuz I don't know if they have them down here. I have to write to the mission president now but I love you all! I'm super glad to know your all doing well and its great to here from you!

Love you all,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anxious to be out in the field--next week!

Hola!!!! So I'll start with proselyting. It was cold and supposed to rain, but it didn't LUCKILY!!!! We got a new area this week and it was a lot bigger, nicer and more developed. There were all sorts of stores and stuff we could go to. Even though it was freezing we got ice cream cuz there was a giant ice cream shop. it was great. we had another week of success. Well we started out having a ton of success and then for the middle 2 hours, out of 5, we had nothing it stunk! We decided to pray for people to teach and we went another 30 mins without success and then went on a rampage.We asked 4 people to get baptized, got 5 references and taught like 7 lessons! It was awesome! There was probably only one person we taught that would actually get baptized, but it would take some huge life turn arounds!!!! Unfortunately we only get an area for 2 weeks, give our references to those missionaries and then thats that. Unfortunately ,we don't get to know anything about our contacts. But its all good. Other than that my week has been pretty normal. I was good about writing in my journal and now I'm getting a little lax because all the days are pretty much the same. One of my companions is bugging me a little lately. Well kinda both of them. they like to wander around in the halls during our classes and study time and it bugs me. Plus they can't seem to quite get the concept of obedience.... The biggest rule they cant follow is eating outside the cafeteria... such a simple rule, but they cant follow it. Oh well... I'm super ready to get out of here!!! It's nice and stuff, but we've learned all the Spanish we have to learn and i feel like the only way to get better is out in the field. I'm outta here on Tuesday though!!! I get 5 mins to email that Monday, but after that i will always be emailing on Mondays so you'll have to wait until next week.

We had some incredible lessons this week. We learned a ton about the Priesthood. The best thing I learned was about Priesthood and Blessings. Priesthood Blessings don't work through faith... they work through the Priesthood Authority.... I thought that was super cool. The only faith they have to have is to ask the priesthood holders for the blessing. We also had a lesson on the power of the scriptures and how much you can get out of them. Look at John 12:4 and see how much you can get out of that, because our mtc president showed us so much, it was insane!!! He ended the lesson by telling us we should not go fishing and told us to write it in our journals "I will not go fishing". After Christ died Peter went back to fishing. We need to not go fishing, we need to remember what we learn on our mission and keep living that way. We then had a video devotional by Neil L Anderson yesterday and it was spectacular. it was called "First Love, Then Sacrifice". He talked about blessings and sacrifices, mainly about missions. He had a quote I love! "Sacrifice the things we love, We love the things we sacrifice." It was great. That's all I got.

That's really sad about Fernando's family. I'll keep them in my prayers, too bad she declined the blessing, that would've been great. I'm glad everyone is studying the gospel more!!!!! How's cam doin, I haven't heard from him? I guess him and Katie are still doin good? How's Ethan doing in learning Spanish and preparing for his mission? Hows Brig doin down in Mexico? I'm super glad Clara is reading her scrips and stuff that's great to hear. When people send me packages I really just want candy for now!!!! Like starbursts and sour patch kids and candy like that. Maybe some sweet ties too! That's all I can think about for now. Love you all!!!

Elder Oliver

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today's letter and a scheduled phone call!

Hola!!!!!! How are you doing? I´m doing great!!!!!! I finally got over my cold thing on tues and I feel great! Proselyting is so fun!!!! This Saturday it was rainy and a little bit chilly, but it was so fun! It poured the day before and the day we went proselyting so the streets all had about a foot of water on the streets, so it was definitely an experience! There was actually this one guy who practically swam across the street and we stopped him as he was walking into his house. he actually shut the door on us and ended up turning around and opening it for us. He let us in and took us to a back  room of his house. The house was ghetto and smelled super bad! In the back room was this guys friend. It  was actually his friends house and he took care of him. This guy was, I assume, paralyzed in this bed and the bed was just dirty and it was pretty nasty, but we actually taught these two guys a lesson and ended up asking him to get baptized and one of the guys said yes, it was so cool!!!! We decided to eat around 3 and had to search for a place. IN the back of our area was this built up freeway so we ate under that. It actually had tables for us to sit underneath it, it was stinky but at least it was dry! We had a ton of success this Saturday as well! We only got 17 contacts, but what do you expect when its raining buckets, that's what they say down here i guess. Our Latino roommates left on tues, it was sad. They were both from Colombia. Elder Romero is probably going to be prophet one day and elder Cabrera just always said flip, fetch, or you're a freakin boss Elder, it was hilarious!!!! It´s definitely a Spanish overload down here!!!! We´ve learned all but one tense and its a lot!!!!!  I can hold a simple gospel conversation if people slow down for me and try not to speak in a heavy accent. I still have a ton of tenses i need to memorize and i need to learn some words that normal people use, but I´ll get there. My comps and i are doing really good at our I.P.s (fake investigator). We actually had a super spiritual experience last night with one of them. We tried to do an all Spanish day on Monday and it only lasted until dinner before people started quitting, it was hard and a little annoying. I'm stoked for proselyting this Saturday, but it seems like it'll be another rainy day... and a lot colder. It'll be a new area too!!!! I'm still way excited! I´m more excited to leave though!!! Only 12 more days until I´m out in the real world.

I´ve really learned to love the scriptures down here! A lot of the times I wish I had more than an hour of personal study. We all learn so much from our CCM president! He taught us about the spirit world that blew our minds. He spent 55 mins reading scriptures and explaining stuff we knew in order to lead up to the last 5 mins before we went to dinner. Every single person walked out of there with jaws dropped and blown minds!!! It was wild! I don't have enough time to explain it, but it was so cool! We also had a great lesson on Jesus and his relationship with Heavenly Father. He just makes you look at scriptures in a whole new way!!!! And then Hermana Openshaw gave a lesson on oaths and I like a quote she shared,
"We have nothing to give to the Lord because he has given us everything. The only thing that we have to give is our will." Some apostle said that, but I loved it!

 I'm glad Clara's learning that stuff, I gave her those assignments! I hope Brig and E get into learning Spanish, because it'll help them so much! Thanks for sharing that story! Our I.P. last night we felt the spirit super strong. We had a lesson wed night about teaching people not lessons and we learned that a good way for that was to relate and share personal experiences. It just so happens our IPs wife just died a month ago and he feels like Dios doesn't love him. Well I shared my story and the spirit was so strong, I know we all felt it! Its an awful thing that happened to us, but I feel like it'll be a blessing on my mission to be able to relate to people like that and bring the spirit! Ive done all my temple sessions in the temple have been in Spanish except last week so i can remember what it said, but Spanish again!!! We still have the old video though :/

I leave on the 24th at like 5am. In the airport I can call you so that will be super early for you guys but i wanna call. I need to know what phone and ill give you more deets when i know!! Did you find the package thing? People can start sending them to my mission home! I want candy!!! CANDY CANDY CANDY!  I love you, good to here from you.

Elder Oliver

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Visa Update and Halfway Through the MTC and mailing instructions

Found out yesterday from church travel that after Wally and Evelyn sent Bailey's birth certificate apostile, Bailey already has his visa!  I wish the government worked like the church:)

Received a letter from Bailey because today is his P-day.  Here is what he had to say:

So we got the new missionaries last Thurs and they are really annoying and cocky. There's a couple that I like, but most I´m not to fond of! There's this one, Elder Luke, that is honestly the exact same as Cam! It's really weird. He's actually probably my favorite missionary here, outside of my district. Proselyting was definitely the most awesome, crazy, best thing I've ever done! The drive out there was the scariest because people drive like maniacs!!! And as we were driving we realized how ghetto it is. We finally got dropped off at our area with a map, a sack lunch and a time to be back at the bus. It was definitely a little scary, but I'm glad one of my companions is a big hockey player who used to fight for fun! I'm also glad that I wasn't a sister missionary cuz that would be way scary!!!! We definitely did the best out of all of our district though, we had 27 contacts, 3 lessons and got 4 references. It was so fun!! Besides being ghetto, having HUGE stray dogs running around everywhere, being hot and sweaty, and not understanding people it was a great experience!!! We talked to everyone we saw and most people were super nice!!! Everyones Catholic so they're not usually interested. Plus from like 3-5 is Siesta or "nap time" So we had 0 luck then. We talked to about 7 people worth mentioning. 1. This old man was getting stuff out of his trunk and we asked if we could help him, he said no, but we could talk. So we talked and found out he was Catholic and his grandpa was from Jerusalem and he tried to teach us Arabic. It was pretty fun, but we gave him a BoM and went on our way. 2. We've learned a couple 3 minute lessons for teaching people at bus stops and we actually used one! this guy was in a hurry, but willing to listen and we gave him a BoM as well. 3. We found this little farmers market thing and we were like that's cool, but all those people are working, but I felt like we should go down there so we went and this guy was like "misioneros misioneros!!!" so we talked to him for a while and he knew a bit abt José Smith, so we taught him some more and then another guy came up and we couldn't understand him, like most people, so the guy we were teaching taught him!!! and then another lady came up and he taught her!!!!!! Unfortunately we only got 3 BoMs so we didn't have enough, but we gave them all the directions to the capilla and hopefully they go!!! Our teacher told us he would give us more BoMs since we destroyed out there! 4, This guy was limping on a cane and we asked if we could help him, but he just wanted to talk as well! So we talked and he said he was really close to Dios, but hated religion cuz he said its corrupted by people, which is mostly true. But we asked for his address and he said no, but he gave us his work address. He just doesn't want us to interrupt his kids study, which i understand. 5. was this drunk guy having a bad day. he kept falling asleep on us, but I feel like we made his day better. 6. the last guy we talked to, I don't even know... Down here they slur there words together and don't finish them completely and this guy happened to have no teeth, so we pretty much listened to him for 30 mins and then had to go cuz the buss was there. I don't think I understood a word. I don't think I understood really anything from anyone, except no I'm catholic. It didn't matter, we just bugged them, and bugged them until they let us share a message or closed there door. We actually had 0 success knocking doors... Oh well! That was definitely my favorite part of the week and it'll be my favorite until I leave!!!! We had fast Sunday this week and it sucked!!!!! But oh well, it was good for me! My teachers say my Spanish is coming along really well, I kinda feel like that, but the past couple lessons have just overloaded my brain. It doesn't help that I've been sick with a cold or something for like a week straight. I think its finally getting better, but I dunno. The other day though, we learned 5 new, hard, grammar principles in 3 hours and it was just ridiculous!!!!! It's going great here though! I love it here, but I really just wanna get out into the field!!! This Saturday it's supposed to rain, but I think it'll add to the adventure of proselyting!
I´ve learned so much this week gospel!  Pretty much all i learn about the gospel comes from our genius spiritual giant of a CCM pres. He  taught us about the aaronic priesthood in a way that I've never even heard! It's an aaronic priesthood duty to bring the people unto Christ, by bringing them to the Atonement... I've never been taught that. He also had a spectacular lesson on the Atonement and Priesthood. But what he said about the Atonement got me, " We must go through anguish, like Christ did, to become a god. To fell anguish we must have charity," He talks a lot about becoming like gods, because that really is our goal. He also told us in priesthood, talking about the aaronic priesthood, that everyone in that room WOULD become a bishop sometime in their life. I thought that was way sweet. And then Sunday we had pres Eccle, i think that's the spelling, come in and teach us about sacrifice and the blessings that come from it and a mission. He talks every Sunday, hes super cool. Hes the FBI liaison??? for Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. Yesterday we watched a devotional from last month by Richard G Scott about prayer, but what stuck out to me the most was he said every good thing in his life has been because of a mission. I've heard that from a few people and its really stuck out to me!
I'm glad you guys are all doing good! I'm excited to here about the hotel!!!! I've been given Clara some assignments if you haven't noticed so she should be able to pray and at least start to bear her testimony in Spanish! I miss you guys and love you all! I'm glad at least Ethan is learning Spanish and that you guys are studying more about the gospel! I really wish I would've learned to love it like i do now before i came, but at least I have that for the rest of my life. The shipping stuff should be in the welcome email I got from my mission pres and his wife. You cant stuff to the CCM, but you can start sending it to the mission home.
Elder Oliver
Because many of you have asked, here is some information regarding mailing things to Bailey: 
Mission office: after 3 weeks, until a new address is posted (letters or packages)
Elder Bailey OConnor Oliver
Uruguay Montevideo Mission
Dalmiro Costa 4635 Bis
11400 Montevideo
Phone 598 2-619-4534  (you will need this to ship through a private carrier)
The recommendations are these:
Send small things (pictures, thumb drives, memory cards, etc...) in padded envelopes
Uruguay does not allow ANY personal hygiene products to be shipped
Do not send anything expensive
If you send something that my require a duty to be paid, include a prepaid visa card so Bailey will have the money to get it from customs
Pouch mail:
Elder Bailey OConnor Oliver
Uruguay Montevideo Mission
Post Office Box 30150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150
Pouch mail instructions:  Write or type your letter on plain white paper (one side).  Fold the letter in thirds and tape shut.  Write both the regular mailing address and the return address as you would on an envelope and stamp it as regular mail. 


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pictures Just Arrived: August 29, 2013!

August 29, 2013--Letter from Elder Oliver---His week has evidently been "super cool" :)

I don't know were to start!!!! I miss all my friends and my family a ton, but I know this is where I need to be, and this is the only place I would want to be! We went to the temple last Thurs and I decided to go through without a translator... It was super hard, but I understand some. I get to go back through later today, so hopefully it'll be a little bit easier! It's a very beutiful temple and I learned something super cool! When they said the prayer in the prayer circle they prayed for the missionairies and I realized that that was me and all my friends! I think that's super cool! Last, Friday we had our first one on one interviews with Presidente Openshaw, and wow! He is so caring and so inteligent and spiritual! He can list almost any scripture and tell you pretty much word for word what's in it! In his devotional he uses a ton of scriptures and we learn so much! It's amazing! Friday one of the Hermanas in our district was sick and so I guess Presidente O. told her to ask Elder Hansen, the District Leader, to give her a blessing and being his companions, Elder Smart and I got to help! It was super cool to be able to do that! The even cooler thing was Saturday she felt great! It was a neat experience to be able to see the power we really do have as missionairies! All the missionaries in the MTC left on Tues so it was super lonely with just 13 people here, but we got Mcdonalds because of it and it was super great! Not that the foods bad here, its actually super good, but it was good to eat some american food! I got kind of a calling here in the CCM. I'm in charge of setting up the electronics on Sundays and starting up the projector and movies for devotionals and on sundays. It's actually super complicated, but its really fun! All the new people are coming in today so that'll be super exciting! Actually, 13 Latinos came in yesterday and we no 0 Spanish!!! Actually I did really good talking to them, but it's still hard because of there accents and how fast they speak though! I've actually learned alot! I probably learned 2 years of Spanish in the first week and almost the entire 3rd year this week. It's wild! It's kind of scary that on Saturday we will be out proselyting in the real world, even though we don't know Spanish! I think it'll be a big help on learning the language and it'll just be fun to not be stuck in the CCM!!!! My comps, Elder Smart and Elder Hansen, are a little bit farther behind than me on Spanish, so I have a feeling I'll be doing most of the talking but its ok! Its really hard to have 2 comps, but its ok! The hardest part is trying to plan a lesson with 3 different opinions..... Elder Hansen is good at taking advice, but Elder Smart gets offended when you dont use his ideas. Its annoying, but I love these guys a ton!! There good guys! Oh!!! The other day during our physical activity time this kid from across the street was talking to us through the fence! He was 13 years old and spoke really good English. We asked him his name and hes like Elder Nicholas, like you guys, cuz we always wear our tags even out there. It was super cool! Even though he's Catholic he wants to be like us. We almost gave him a BoM, but I dont think his parents would like that... I think thats all that happened this week.
In my devotionals I've learned a lot! A couple things. I need to listen and recognize the Holy Ghost better! Even if I think I feel the spirit, but I'm not sure, I should act on it, even if its not the spirit. Because, I want to show HF that even if I just think maybe it might be the Spirit Im going to trust it and act on it! Also, I need to serve my mission with a question in mind. At the end of my mission I will ask the Lord if he accepts my mission. So I need to serve my mission thinking everyday, "Lord, do you accept what I've done today?" Plus its the small rules that help keep us obedient. It's also the little rules we may start to not follow that lead to the big things. These are just a couple of the things that I learned, other than Spanish, this week.
Could you send me a list of where everyone served a mission and how long ago? Didn't Uncle Shawn serve in Chile? My CCM president was the mish pres there.
I love you tons mom! I miss you, but I'm lovin it out here! 
Still no pictures even though I asked about it.  He should really use his expensive camera to enlighten us.  Also, it seems he has forgotten a lot of his grammer rules, but I guess I will forgive him!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our first real email from Elder Oliver!

Hey mom. So I only have one hour to respond to everyone and the time changes every week. So, if you could ask everyone to send me there home adress, then I can write emails to you and maybe some other people and write letters to the rest of the people. I here it only takes 5 days for letters to get from here home, but 2 weeks to 2 months to recieve a letter...
Anyways, the MTC is the greatest experience of my life! My first day nobody knew what was going on because it was only in Spanish and the English was in very heavy accents. Its slowly getting better. I feel like I havent learned much spanish, but then we go and teach our I.P. (Personal Investigator, pretty much a teacher who we treat like a brand new investigator) and I realize how much I can understand and how much, still not a lot, can speak. My first day though I met my companion in my room, A 6 3,210 Canadian hockey player. His name is Elder Hansen and hes 20 years old. Hes a really good guy! He actually became our DL. so we went about our day and then Elder Hansen and I got asked to switch rooms on the first day! During that process we also found out that we would be becoming a trio companionship... Theres only one other trio. Its really kinda fun, but it can be a little bit difficult sometimes when we are trying to make a decision about our I.P. lessons. Our other companions name is Elder Smart. Hes 19 and from Sandy, Utah. Hes a pretty funny guy. If we didnt have him in our district and in our companionship, we would all be SO bored!!!!
Oh just so you know, when I flew in I flew with 6 Sisters and 3 other Elders. Then in Atlanta we added a sister. Then we got to the MTC and added 2 more elders and 2 more sisters and that became the José district . Pretty much everyone we flew with, plus the canadians. The interesting thing about that is the other English speaking districts all flew in together and made 3 districts, 2 of those have 2 girls in them, we have 8... Its good though, our district is already super close.
So in our room we have 8 people, some rooms only have 6, but well i guess we have 8 beds but only 7 people cuz the trio. in each of the rooms there is 2 latinos. I love all the latinos here! Especially the ones in my room, there so funny and fun to try to talk to! The ones in my room are from Chile and Peru I think..... I dunno but its fine to try and talk to them.
The food here is almost always super amazing!! I think theres like 90? people or so in the CCM and they cook real food for us all!!! I dunno the exact amount of people but I easily know all the English speakers in here by name, so its not big at all. there has only been 2 meals I didnt like. I ate one of them. but the other was like this soggy cornbread stuff with meat on it, it was just awful!!! but i still havent had the blood sausage, which I guess is a meal only 2 people like,.... We always have cereal for breakfast and they always have fruit and bread out. So since you usually only get 1 serving, you fill up on bread throughout the day.
Our classes are usually good, but we really dont have that many to actually teach us spanish grammar, maybe like 3 or 4 a week and they are an hour long to learn a principle. Usually our gospel lessons are in spanish and english, so thats good. I like our morning teacher, but I love our night teacher. He has taught me so much about this language and about the gospel and how to teach it! Hes also taught us how to utilize our personal, companion and language studies and lets just say that has helped a ton!!! Thats mostly what you do is just study by yourself. Im good at personal and companion study, I actually love doing them now, but my language study needs work. Its just hard cuz we are literally in our District room\ classroom for like 11 hours a day. And when you only get 1.5, ot 1.75 hours of activity time, lets just say the days are long and tiring!!!!! theres a saying here that is jjustt dead on perfect..... "The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days." So true. today is a week and has seriously felt like nothing!
Yesterday we had a devotional and its usually by a member of the 70, but this time it was by the brand new MP of the argentina north mission i think??? It was super duper great. I guesss it was even better because it didnt have to get translated from spanish to english, buth english to spanish. The wife did at least, the MP translated himself. Everything is usually seperate from the Latinos, but not this. The sad thing is sunday night we get a movie and its usually a good devotional, but we watched the Testaments and the English speakers have been here 5/6 weeks so that was the most drama theyve had this whole time, it was great! They were cheerin and it was sad, but  I now know why they were cheering. Sundays are stressful though. Theres a topic each sunday and everyone writes a talk, in spanish, and they randomly chose 5 people at the start... its stressful! but thats the only part of sundays in spanish. We also had this way cool guy whos a leoson??? for the FBI who lives here and works here, Uruguay and Paraguay, so hes loaded with info. Hes also a really good speaker, Ive had 1 sunday lesson with him, and he has sweet stories. for 5 years he worken in Tiawanna, but before he had to go through some crazy training, its cool.
So todays PDay so our schedule each week but right when we get off we have breakfast and the temple. Its literally like in the confines of the CCM. its way pretty so im excited. Then we get back have lunch and PDay until 5, Ill probably spend most of the time writing letters...  
I love you!! Write me back! Have a good week! And,
Love you!!!!!!!
Oh PS... please have everyone send me their home adress so I can write them, and a pic of themselve! you too!!!
Oh and sorry for the poor language. Speaking Spanish has me thinking in 2 languages and its hard, but also, i dont know how to use apostrophes on this keyboard...(a Spanish keyboard)

I hope that everyone enjoys reading this as much as Robert and I did!  Just remember, he is using a Spanish keyboard which is VERY different, plus he can't use spell check :)
Please remember to write him via email, but send him your physical address for any reply.  If he doesn't have your physical address, you may not get a response.

Keep up with Elder Oliver!

I am going to attempt to do the blogging thing.  I hope that I am better at this than I am at keeping in touch with all of my friends made in the different states in which I have lived!  I am hoping that the motivation to do this for my child, will be good enough:)

Well, Bailey's mission started with this:

"Dear Elder Oliver,

You are hearby called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You are assigned to labor in the Uruguay Montevideo Mission.  It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months.

You should report to the Argentina Mission Training Center on Thursday, August, 15, 2013.  You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language.  Your assignment may be modified according to the needs of the Mission President."...

After meeting up with his cousin, Kendall Kern, in the Atlanta airport on his way to Argentina, we got a short email from Bailey, very short:)

"I made it to the MTC safe and sound. I actually flew with 3 other Elders and 7 Sisters. I am very confused and have no idea what`is going on, like everyone else. Plus, I am starving!!! Write to me on Thurs because that is my PDay. Also, if you can message Ruth and get friend adresses and stuff for me that would be great, Thanks. LOVE YOU!"