Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another great week and....I'm STRESSED, I am a new district leader!

July 7, 2014

So this week was a great week!!!! We started with an intercambio. I went to another area with Elder Taylore from Idaho. He has about 8 months in the mission and he is a super stud!!! I loved working with him! On Wed when we were in the bus station to come back and this lady came up and gave us a bunch of "biscochos", I don't know how to spell it, they are like this little bread things filled with carmel(dulce de leche) and jam and cheese and they are delicious!!! She wasn't a member, but her brothers served a mission so she wanted to thank us!!! I love being a missionary!!!!

Then Wed., Elder Sims and I found a miracle!!! We were sitting in a members house waiting for him to give us lunch and this less active girl walked in, Steffany. I met Steffany about 6 months ago and hadn't seen her since... But then her little brother came in, Simón, and he's 9 and not baptized. He pretty much asked us to baptize him and he's a super stud!!! Now we just have to activate his mom.  His sister is super excited to come back to church!!!! Then the other day we found one of my old investigators, Michael. Michael is super awesome and was gonna get baptized but there was always something lacking in the charlas we had with him, and before Sunday I was still feeling that way. So I was studying for Michael Saturday and figured that he needed to learn about the atonement!!! He didn't come to church on Sunday so we went to his house after and had the charla!!! It was incredible!!! That was one of the very few charlas I have had where I've cried because the Spirit was so strong!!! We talked about the Atonement using Alma 7:11-16 I think and explained it all to him. Then my comp asked how he felt and he bore his testimony about the atonement, then I asked how did he feel inside and he recognized the Spirit and truth of these things!!! It was incredible and I'm super excited to see if he's received his answer about the BoM!

Saturday it rained!!!! It poured in the morning!!!! There was water pouring in through the roof and flooding in from the back door!!! It was crazy, the power even went out for a little bit! It was super fun!!!

Sunday we also talked with Milagros, my recent convert who was super firm then went inactive.... We had a super good charla to see what has been going on and it all started with the famous doubt of, "Why do bad things happen to good people and good things to bad people?" It's a doubt that almost everyone has down here.... Especially,"I'm doing what I should be doing, but why do I still have problems?"  We tried to help her but she wants to receive her answer for herself. So we told her that she has to repent and read 2 Nefi 2 and pray about it to receive her answer! I was actually reading it this morning and wow it's an incredible chapter!!! I love studying the gospel and helping people with their doubts and helping everyone receive the blessings of the gospel that I have!!! That sounds like our week!!!!

July 15, 2014

This week has been incredible!!! We got changes last night and we're changing tomorrow!!! I was called to be a District Leader. I'm staying in the zone, but I'm going to an area called Chuy... Part of the area is in Brazil and everything there is super cheap!!! They have American candy and electronics and everything just cheaper than dirt! The bad thing is it's a 4 hour bus ride from Chuy to 33 and then a 4 hour bus ride from 33 to the mission home in Montevideo... I'm super excited and humbled to serve the Lord in this calling! I didn't know how I would feel the day I got this calling, now i know, Stressed!! I'm super excited, but super nervous! I know it's a big responsibility and I start tomorrow! Thurs I get to do my 1st 2 baptismal interviews and Friday my first District Meeting! My new comp is Elder Cary... He's from Peru, this is going to be his 3rd change so he just got done being trained! My mission is just full of Peruanos, 1st comp- Peru, 2-States, 3-Peru, 4- States, 5-Peru, 6-States, 7- Peru!!!! I hope my Spanish gets super good this change!!!!

Our investigators are doing good!! Simon's mom doesn't think he's ready to get baptized, which we know, so there is a little bit of work to do there and for some reason, Michael didn't go to church.... Elder Sims is going to talk with him tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is going to be crazy!!! I have to go to Montevideo at 6, 4.5 hour bus ride. Then we're going to leave at like 2 or 3, and I'm gonna get home at like 11 or 12!! I' excited for the challenge!!!

That was our week this week!!!

I should know if I got your package tomorrow! Thank you so much for the advice!! That really is going to help in the future to remember that!!!! I want a picture of everyone if you can send it!!! I'm scared to see a pic of Clara, especially if she starts playing sports!!! That's good, I'll have time to turn Ethan into a missionary before he even leaves!!!! That's cool that they are having some good activities!! I hope your guys dr. appointments go well!!! I have a lot of people to pray for, my district, my comp, my investigators, leaders, converts and you guys, but lets just say it's all worth it! I have some seen miracles happening here and at home for my prayers. I was reading DC 31 the other day and it talks about the Lord taking care of you guys while I'm here and I can definetely see it! You would adopt to many kids (IF I became a social worker), my suggestion would just be to pray, study your patriarchal blessing and maybe fast if you need help making a decision. I'm excited for you guys and sounds like you guys are enjoying those fruit trees without me!!! That's sweet about Cam (getting ANOTHER raise), what a stud!!! Love you guys tons and thanks for the email!!!!!
Elder Oliver