Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's hot, hot, hot!!!

Well it is super super duper hot here!!!! We are melting!!! It's like 33 celsius or something here and I think in our house it's about 10 degrees hotter.... I literally get in bed at night and just sweat myself to sleep. It kinda sucks, but I'll get over it. The worst part is I can't use my sunscreen because it turns my shirt yellow and the stains are super hard to get out....

We had the baptism of Alejandro this week and it went great!!! There was also a ward baptism so we had more members there and a little fiesta after, so that was nice. This week was rough with food because we didn't have time to ask this Sunday cuz we were busy with investigators but this week is looking better!

The temporary missionary was 16 and spoke English, born in Provo, lived in Argentina and now Uruguay. His parents are from Argentina. He was super cool and super rich, so he bought us all food, so that was super cool. We invited him to the Christmas conference tomorrow. But he left Jueves and Elder Contreras de Chile came in his place. Lets just say Chilenos have a very distinct accent and talk very very fast, but he's super cool! He and his comp were having huge problems with their branch pres so they had to leave, he was super upset, but what are you gonna do? My comps are super annoying in the house still but its ok. This change my comp se va and E' Contreras se va. Elder Huiara and I stay and 2 gringos are comig!!!! Finally English, which kinda sucks cuz I wanted to speak Spanish my whole mission, but it'll be kinda nice. Elder Pyke is going to be my new comp as DL. All i know is he's a gringo and this is gonna be his 6th change. He trained his 4th and 5th so he's a capo! Oh I had an intercambio with one of the ZL's this week so it was super cool to learn from him. I think tha'ts all this week, other than its super freakin hot, hot, hot!!!!!

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