Monday, November 25, 2013

Answering Mom's Questions:

Last weeks letter was shorter than usual and I realized that Bailey hadn't really told us much about the area and culture.  I asked him several questions and this is the letter that I received (Obviously, awesome is the word of the day.  I think Bailey is forgetting his English vocabulary:))

This week was a great week! Our numbers are coming back up. The weather is crazy like Utah but pretty much it's been super duper hot! Which is good because I accidentally lost my umbrella, but I mean it is killer hot!

Our investigators are doing super awesome and on track to be baptized, but with Cristian age 16 so still needs to talk to his parents and hes a little scared to do that... Claudio is doing super awesome! He actually got to baptize these 2 jovens for the other group of missionaries the other day, so that was super awesome!!!! And then this Sunday he blessed the sacrament!!! We want to go to the temple with him when it opens again after the 2nd because the missionaries can go and baptize for the dead. Solo the hombres and we can't be baptized, but its still super awesome!!!!

We definitely have been having lunch every day because we've been asking everyone!!!My Spanish is coming along super awesome because everyone in the house is speaking Spanish so its difficult but super awesome!!!

The food down here is awesome!! We eat a lot of pasta which I love, and this "barbecue" stuff called asado! It's chewie but pretty good!! The other day though we had blood sausage and intestines of something, let's just say I'm not a huge fan!!! People are obsessed with their mate down here!!!! They always have their cups with the straws in the hand and there big mug of boiling water in their arm, always!!!! It's kind if an art to do all this, but we cant drink it in the mission. But I  am definitely gonna buy a nice mate set before I go home!!!

I am in a country area, but close to the city, the airports like a 7 minute bus ride. It's pretty dirty and there are tons of dogs, everywhere! But I love it. You might be able to look it up by ,canelones, aeroparque. There are green fields and some people have grass.... I had an intercambio with our DL E' Pin and it changed my mission!!! He is so awesome and I learned so much from him in 1 day!! It was incredible!!! We invited 3 people with 2 fechas, to be baptized this day!!! It was an incredible experience. I love my comp, but he's a little trunkie,,,, solo thinking about home, because he goes home in 3 weeks, but it makes it hard to work like I want...

Oh yeah this old lady spanked me the other day because it was windy and I was fixing my tie and she thought I was playing with it so that was super awkward! The mission is going great and I'm lovin it and love you all!!!!

I get emails from people that I want emails from for the most part, because I only have an hour, so I don't have time for a lot, so I'm fine, but people can send me written letters and packages. Packages take forever, but I love them and's better and easier for me.

If you can send some regular size pictures of the family and see if my friends can get some too that would be awesome because everyone has this little photo albums for members and stuff and they love it!!! Thanks, I hope I get your package by Christmas too, I think they are going to hold the packages until the 17th for Christmas, but I'm excited!!! I love you guys a ton!!!

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