Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today's letter and a scheduled phone call!

Hola!!!!!! How are you doing? I´m doing great!!!!!! I finally got over my cold thing on tues and I feel great! Proselyting is so fun!!!! This Saturday it was rainy and a little bit chilly, but it was so fun! It poured the day before and the day we went proselyting so the streets all had about a foot of water on the streets, so it was definitely an experience! There was actually this one guy who practically swam across the street and we stopped him as he was walking into his house. he actually shut the door on us and ended up turning around and opening it for us. He let us in and took us to a back  room of his house. The house was ghetto and smelled super bad! In the back room was this guys friend. It  was actually his friends house and he took care of him. This guy was, I assume, paralyzed in this bed and the bed was just dirty and it was pretty nasty, but we actually taught these two guys a lesson and ended up asking him to get baptized and one of the guys said yes, it was so cool!!!! We decided to eat around 3 and had to search for a place. IN the back of our area was this built up freeway so we ate under that. It actually had tables for us to sit underneath it, it was stinky but at least it was dry! We had a ton of success this Saturday as well! We only got 17 contacts, but what do you expect when its raining buckets, that's what they say down here i guess. Our Latino roommates left on tues, it was sad. They were both from Colombia. Elder Romero is probably going to be prophet one day and elder Cabrera just always said flip, fetch, or you're a freakin boss Elder, it was hilarious!!!! It´s definitely a Spanish overload down here!!!! We´ve learned all but one tense and its a lot!!!!!  I can hold a simple gospel conversation if people slow down for me and try not to speak in a heavy accent. I still have a ton of tenses i need to memorize and i need to learn some words that normal people use, but I´ll get there. My comps and i are doing really good at our I.P.s (fake investigator). We actually had a super spiritual experience last night with one of them. We tried to do an all Spanish day on Monday and it only lasted until dinner before people started quitting, it was hard and a little annoying. I'm stoked for proselyting this Saturday, but it seems like it'll be another rainy day... and a lot colder. It'll be a new area too!!!! I'm still way excited! I´m more excited to leave though!!! Only 12 more days until I´m out in the real world.

I´ve really learned to love the scriptures down here! A lot of the times I wish I had more than an hour of personal study. We all learn so much from our CCM president! He taught us about the spirit world that blew our minds. He spent 55 mins reading scriptures and explaining stuff we knew in order to lead up to the last 5 mins before we went to dinner. Every single person walked out of there with jaws dropped and blown minds!!! It was wild! I don't have enough time to explain it, but it was so cool! We also had a great lesson on Jesus and his relationship with Heavenly Father. He just makes you look at scriptures in a whole new way!!!! And then Hermana Openshaw gave a lesson on oaths and I like a quote she shared,
"We have nothing to give to the Lord because he has given us everything. The only thing that we have to give is our will." Some apostle said that, but I loved it!

 I'm glad Clara's learning that stuff, I gave her those assignments! I hope Brig and E get into learning Spanish, because it'll help them so much! Thanks for sharing that story! Our I.P. last night we felt the spirit super strong. We had a lesson wed night about teaching people not lessons and we learned that a good way for that was to relate and share personal experiences. It just so happens our IPs wife just died a month ago and he feels like Dios doesn't love him. Well I shared my story and the spirit was so strong, I know we all felt it! Its an awful thing that happened to us, but I feel like it'll be a blessing on my mission to be able to relate to people like that and bring the spirit! Ive done all my temple sessions in the temple have been in Spanish except last week so i can remember what it said, but Spanish again!!! We still have the old video though :/

I leave on the 24th at like 5am. In the airport I can call you so that will be super early for you guys but i wanna call. I need to know what phone and ill give you more deets when i know!! Did you find the package thing? People can start sending them to my mission home! I want candy!!! CANDY CANDY CANDY!  I love you, good to here from you.

Elder Oliver

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