Monday, October 28, 2013

Another awesome letter from Elder Oliver

Bailey has started writing a form letter and taking a picture to forward as an email.  If he wants to say anything personal or respond to a specific email, then he does that separately.  His reference to his "idea" is regarding this new plan to get to more emails.  Last week's picture of his form letter was very dark and extremely hard to read and type back on the blog!:

Sorry my letter idea sucked and the pics were dark, I'll try to better next week, but this week it might be the same.... It makes it so I can actually read peoples emails and write back!

I'm gonna have no clothes if I'm always giving them away, but it's so worth it!!! I'm gonna be so broke from my mission¡ I want to buy Claudio I nice Bible and BoM. Usually you just buy your baptisms an ok BoM, but he's my first investigator and he's so awesome!!! We taught him yesterday about the Sabbath Day holy and he said that the whole day he had been reading and stuff because he felt like he shouldn't do anything on Sundays.... He truly has been prepared by angels!!! We were gonna baptize him this Saturday, but its fast Sunday and bishop wants to get the word out so more people will be there, so we have to wait 2 weeks... :( but its ok, it'll be way better!)  We also have about 4 other investigators that are GOING to be baptized this month! My comp and my goal is 8 baptisms before he goes home DEC 19. Were gonna do it!!! Our zones goal is 5 a month and i want to get all 5!!!!

Our apartment is a bit sketch, but really not toooo bad. There are some way better and some way worse, so I'm like in the middle... Joseph is doing super great and I didn't know about Austin!!! That just made my day! I pray hard for those two!!... now time for Brig and Ethan. I'll find some scriptures this week!! Plus you might wanna listen to the talk by John Bytheway, I think its called "Get off the tv and get a life" I have all the talks on my ipod, but I don't listen to them to much. We don't have much time.  My Spanish is decent. I can talk a little better and I'm starting to understand a tiny tiny bit...The hardest thing was Saturday and Sunday... Saturday was probably the hardest day in my mission, because we cant find nuevos!!! The best thing though had to be having 6 investigators in the chapel!!! If you could pray to help me with that, that would be great!!!! Love you all so much!!!

Oh PS I've been thinking that I need like business cards or magnets or something with my email and my facebook info... in Spanish... to give to the people in my areas, if you could? I dunno, its not that important, but it would be nice!!! oh and this is why i do the pic thing because there's so much more I'm gonna say in the emails...

And the picture letter:

October 21, 2013
P-Day, P-Day, P-Day !  We went to the mall to write home and after we wrote, we went to Subway at the mall and I had the most awkward experience of my life!  This mom has her kid in a stroller and the kid was me and started to try to get out of his stroller.  When he couldn't, he started to cry.  When he finally got out of the stroller, he stopped crying and came over to me and grabbed my leg and wanted me to pick him up.  It's against the rules, but Elder Ha, district leader, told me to, so I did.  I held him for like a minute and then put him back in his stroller, but he started to cry again.  His mom got the food and sat down a couple tables down from us and the kid was still crying.  He then came back to me!  That's when I decided to get up and leave.  Everyone, including his mom was laughing.  The weird thing was  the mom was young and had black hair, and this boy was, I dunno he could walk, but not talk, but he had blonde hair.  I promise, I've never been to Uruguay.  It was so awkward!  Then we came back and cleaned and that was my day.  Monday was an interesting day.

The weather down here right now is more crazy than Utah.  It's hot, then cold, then rainy, then it's super windy.  It's just loco!  We have an investigator, her name is Noella.  She is single and has 4 kids.  One of the kids uses a wheelchair and the cool thing is the wheelchair came from the church!  She's awesome and went to church.

Saturday and Sunday were hard days.  Especially Saturday.  Both days we had a lot planned out and then ended up with nothing... except a lot of menos activos.  It's good to teach menos activos pero necesitamos nuevos.  (It's good to teach less actives, but we need new (investigators))  Saturday was probably the hardest day in my mission so far.  Church was spectacular though, we had 6 investigators in church!  Our numbers the other weeks were 1-0-0-2---6!!!!  Plus, we had 4 recent converts and 2 menos activos!  We only had one charla (discussion) all day, but it was with Claudio!!!
Claudio has been prepared by angels!!!  In sacrament he said, "When can I be baptized?"  We tried for Saturday, but we couldn't get the announcement out in time, plus it is fast Sunday.  Pero, dos semanas and we'll do it!  In charla, we talked about keeping the sabbath day holy, and he told us that he doesn't feel like he should do anything after going to church on Sundays anyway!

Oh, we had a ward talent show Thursday, it was great because there was food!  You don't know hungry until you are missionary!  Oh, and I never thought I'd say this, but I am excited for fast Sundays--it is so great and helpful!  That's about all I can think of... Oh, and Spanish is hard!!!  That's all.

From Cary---I am glad I know some Spanish, because I figure with all of this Spanglish, Elder Oliver's letters will be in all Spanish by the time he is done with his mission:)

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