Monday, November 18, 2013

Short and sweet letter from today:)

Enotonces, this week was difficult!!! And last week!!! We've only had 2 new investigators, but both are going to be baptized for sure!!! One is a joven, 17, and scared to talk to his mom and ask for permission to be baptized, but Claudio is a family friend and is going to talk to them with us!!!

Despues, we have Rodrigo. We talked with him for the first time yesterday after Claudio sent us a message saying I have a friend who has had some problems in his life and is really interested in learning more about the church! He is awesome and I'm sure he's going to be baptized!

We did have almuerzo everyday this week because we begged so that was awesome!!!

Elder Pin, the new elder in the house, is our district leader. He only has 5 cambios in hte mission but he's super awesome!!! Elder Ha was definitely not the best leader. Actually, our zone leaders heard that he's not going to be leading any more...

This week has been cold and hot and windy!!! I think it was Friday that the wind was terrible and it was crazy hot and the wind was just a hot wind!!!! Plus it was picking up all the little rocks in the street and throwing them at us. It's been an interesting and difficult week, but it's always a good time!

You guys are nuts!!! Moving back to Indiana!!!!!!! I never thought I would hear that!!!  And Perry? At least they'll be speaking English! I bet Brig and Clara are happy to go back for Talmage and Bri.

 I wish I could've told you this earlier, but with packages the oficinas told me you should just write "Ayuda Familiar" and that's it because this way they send it through earlier....

I think I'm gonna start taking bets with all the missionaries I know of where you tguys are going to leave when I get home!!!! Love you guys and thank you!!!!

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