Monday, October 21, 2013

"Missionary work is stinkin' hard"

Yes, this appears to be where Elder Oliver lives!

 And the letter:

"Its great to hear from you.  I wrote my email this time before to save time and have more time to read the emails.  Let me know what you think!  If you could start putting all your questions and the most important stuff at the bottom of the email so that I can read the questions and type that would be great too!  The weather is being dumb, and my allergies are super bad down here, but I'm gonna go get meds for it today.  The new investigators are great except the family....They are baptist and are super awesome and nice but the are only reading LDM to defend their religion and not to know it is true, so we are gonna stop visiting them for now.

This week was hard, but it flew by so fast!  Our area makes us walk a ton!  Our main area is about a 25 min walk to everything, Belle View is about a 45 min (possibly longer) walk, and we have the area "El Tato" that's 2km farther than Belle Vista, but we haven't gone there yet.  I don't think we want to...we don't have a map and it would just wast our day.  Last p-day, we just SLEPT, it was GREAT.  we got a new investigator on Tuesday.  Her name is Brandy and she is 10 years old.  It was super awkward when I asked her to get baptized, but I think her family wants to be baptized as well, but ehay are hard to work around.  Friday we all worked in the HHE, area because they are struggling.  Their area is super rich so it is kind of hard to teach people there.  After that I felt pretty sick, I think because of lunch, but, oh well.  Saturday morning we did service for a lady in our wars.  We set the concrete on her roof.  It was super hot and hard work, but I had been wanting to do service.  After that we got lunch so that's always nice!  we actually got lunch every day this week!  After lunch,  we started to fast for and with an investigator, Elena.  She's been an investigator for a couple months and she is more like a member, but she cant get baptized because of her boyfriend.   They have lived together for like 7 years.  he wont marry her!  It's probably the biggest problem we have down here!  And it's not the money, it's just the men don't want to marry the women! 

Our investigator, Claudio came to church and I think he felt really welcomed and had a good time, so I am pretty sure in a week or two we will finally have my 1st baptism! Oh, plus I gave a talk on the importance of missionary work.  It was rough, the Spanish is slowly coming, but it's still hard!  Sunday I almost gave a white shirt and tie away to someone because most all his clothes were stolen and we wanted him to come to church, but he didn't show up.  I've learned this week that missionary work is stinkin' hard, but super rewarding!

Elder Oliver

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