Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Cool Experience and a picture:)

Alrighty... So, this week has been a week to remember!!! We started out with the hike to the Quebrado de los Cuervos here in 33. It's one of the biggest "mountains" they have in Uruguay. It was actually a super fun hike and we had a great time!!! Then the week was pretty normal up until Thurs!!

Thurs we went to this place called Vergara, it's about an hour away, with an Elderly Elder, Elder Pugmire. We had to help him pack up some stuff from the house out there because they took missionaries out of that area. After we helped him pack up we passed by this girl ,Cristin, that was supposed to get baptized but then the missionaries got taken out. We passed by her to see how she was doing, because I was the only one who knew were she lived. She was doing great!! We decided that she was ready to get baptized that day because there are no missionaries there, it would've been hard to do other days... So, luckily, Elder Pike had brought baptism clothes and I brought baptismal clothes for her, so we started to plan her baptism. We didn't have a key to the church or anything, and there's only 2 active priesthood holders in this branch, one lives an hour away. So we got a key to the church, but he didn't have a key to the font.... .So after a long time, we decided that the only place we could do the baptism was the river... So we stopped by her house, she's only 9, picked her up and went to the river. When this Priesthood holder got there, we had 2 witnesses for the baptism and we did it, in the cold, muddy river. Luckily there was no complications because she has heart problems, but it all went great!!!! Unfortunatley we didn't have camera's, but let me tell you, it was an experience!!! That was my awesome experience of the week!!!

Liliana decided, for now, "not to get baptized".... We actually think it's because of her boyfriend, so that's kind of crappy, but we'll get there!!

We only had Jefferson come to church, this 10 year old kid. We weren't expecting it!!! he's kind of a punk around his friends, but we didn't even invite him and he came to church so Vamos Arriba!!! Easter was kind of  a bummy day... There was nothing special done at church or anything, just another day. And our new MP is a super capo. He'll stick of for every single one of us for everything!!!! I'm not sure what his focus is but I definitely know he cares about us beyond belief!!!! Oh and I'll be staying with Elder Pike for another change so that'll be great!!!!!

(For those of you that know Bailey, you know that the buzz cut in this picture is NOT LIKE HIM!!!!  He said that he was cutting his hair himself and the attachment fell off, so he ended up having to buzz it:))

This drawing was done by a child in Elder Oliver's ward because he thought he would be leaving the area and he wanted to give him something.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Testimony, a birthday wish and PICTURES!!!!

April 7, 2014

So this week was a rough week, but it ended up being pretty good! We worked Mon- Thurs with almost no success, but then I went on an intercambio with one of my zone leaders on Friday, Elder Lacey, and we started doing great again.

Obviously this week was great because we had general conference! It seriously is such an incredible experience in the mission! You receive answers for investigators, we're spiritually uplifted and its just all around awesome!!! Unfortunately we didn't have as many investigators come to see conference, well actually only one.., We wanted more to come because we knew they would feel such an incredible spirit, but everyone has there agency so, that's kind of bummy.

My comp and I are still doing great together, we are having difficulty in our area, but we are learning a ton from each other and we have a lot of potential baptisms!

When I was on the intercambio with E' Lacey, we actually found a lady who was "atheist", then we slowly found out that she's not atheist, it's just sometimes she doesn't wast to believe there's a god in her life because of her difficulties, but she said, in her weakest moments, she always goes back to asking for help from God. We found out that a couple of years ago her son got sick, we're not sure with what yet (we haven't asked). He's only 9 years old and every month they have to travel 3.5 hours to Montivideo to go to 4 different doctors... Her and her son ask, why him??? The mom says, why him and not me??? That's probably the most common and the most difficult question we get. Why is it difficult? That's a question we have to answer through our studying and through our prayer. The scriptures give us some "answers" but it's not quite satisfying to the people. The reason I believe we suffer is because we decided to come down and accept the challenges that we have in our families, we accepted it all, we knew it all! Our trials are here to help us, it may not seem like it, but if we thank our God, during our good and bad times, we will truly see that we are blessed with the true gospel, that we have the hope and faith that we will live our families forever and our trials will only be for a short time!!! The gospel is awesome!!!!

If we all study the Atonement like Richard G. Scott said in conference, we will understand everything better!!! I know that to be true! The Atonement rocks!!!! Love you all!!!!

I did finally get the scriptures, they are awesome thank you!!! I'm glad that you're all doing great and with family! Especially that you're movin up with your cast!!! love you tons!!!

April 14, 2014

I didn't forget!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! FELÍZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!  Happy Birthday mom!!!!

Conference was super incredible!!!! We had some great experiences and it helped us a ton during this week!!! We also finally got to meet our President and we had some incredible interviews!!!

This week was a little rough because Liliana still hasn't gotten baptized.... But we'll get her there!!! Her boyfriend is in town this week and he's a capo so were gonna baptize her by baptizing him!!!!

This week the weather has dropped so now it's super cold at night and in the mornings, but during the days its still pretty warm!

The zone is struggling getting people to  come to church because it's cold now and it's there "fall break" here. Unfortunately Uruguatians are a lazy people, so when it's not necessary or super fun, it's hard to get them to do anything.... But that's why we're gonna show them that it's fun and necessary to go to church!!!

Thanks for the pump up about praying and fasting! It's really true, through those two things we can see miracles!!! That's awesome about the ward and all the missionaries headed out!!! That's gonna be awesome!!! I didn't know that people fell away because of what happened with Dad... Usually here it's because they dont come for a couple weeks and nobody goes to tehre house... It's interesting to see why people fall away. it's sad, but it just goes to show you need to  be friendly to everyone and do home teaching and vistiing teaching!!! Good luck with everything!!!!

That's a pic of what we do Sunday nights when we turn in our numbers... We go home at 8 and not 9....
Missionaries at there finest!!!!