Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30th email--Mom got behind in posting:)

Hey! I`m doin great! It wasnt very fun waking up at 3 on Tues to come here, but its alright. The first day was wild! The elderly missionaries cooked us all american food in the mission home, which is huge and fancy. Then we went proselyting with someone, came back, had some class type things, went to bed and the next day we met our trainers, got our area and went to work!

My comps name is Elder Montenegro. He is such a good missionary! He`s from Peru and only has 3 months left, so ill kill him (Be his last comp before he goes home). He's from Peru and he's awesome! He was a ZL for a while and I am the 2nd person he's trained. Before I got to know him, everyone told me he is an example of what all missionaries should be like and I agree!

Our area is Aeroparque B in the Este Zone. We proabably have the biggest area. Take the country and split it into 12 zones, then take our zone and split it in half, then take that and split it just a little more than half and that's our area if that makes sense. Let's just say its massive!!!!

I love it here though. The members feed us almost everyday and its really good! The people in our area are really kind and receptive. Our area is right by the airport so its super close to the city but not in it. All the roads are dirt, but its not bad.

Church was kinda awful. I hate to say it, but if I was an investigator, I would not come back. I guess we have a big ward but the schedule is backwards so sacrament last. It was disorganized, I think the bishop forgot to assign talks and during sacrament kids were literally running around and people kept leaving and coming back, it was wild! But the members are super helpful and take care of us so that's good! And the ward mission leader lives in this fenced in area with like 4 houses and they're all his family so they all help us with teaching and feed us a lot and its awesome!!!

Our house is a different story. It has 3 broken windows so we get a nice breeze, but its super cold down here, in the spring, so thats not so nice. In the night and morning its freezing... for now. We also live with another companionship, Elder Ha, DL from Korea, and Elder I cant spell his name from Peru. He's an ORO, gold, like me for another 3 weeks. Oros are the newbies for 12 weeks till they lose there trainer. But its fun being in the house even though its super dirty and even though were gonna try to clean it today I hear that house never gets clean. Oh and in our "study room" The light doesn't work so at night we have to plan in the kitchen. Down here you dont get a dinner hour because you have lunch with the members so at night were starving!! But all I've had for the past couple days for breakfast and "Dinner" Is eggs bread and rice. There's not an actual store in our area just a couple little markets so were definetely going shopping today!!!

We have 5 fechas, baptism dates, but I don't think any of them will be ready by there dates. Only 2 of those are ones we found but its still awesome to actually have our own investigators!! President Newsome is awesome but I wont really get to know him, unless I end up in the offices some time on my mission. Hes cool though. He and his wife are just super nice. I also found out this is one of the highest baptizing missions so that's cool. Spanish is slowly coming. Very slowly. Its super stressfull!!! And I don't understand nada!! Its so annoying! My comp only speaks spanish. He understands most english and can speak a tiny. The only person I talk to in english is elder ha and i don't see him a lot and he speaks korean english... I love it out here! Its hard and tiring and cold but i love it!!!

Its way cool that cam got a new job! That's exciting!!!! I'm glad you all are doing well and I'm super glad cam is happy right now.  I've been praying a lot for him and all of you guys. Umm. I'm excited for your package. Next package I would like some sticky notes, big and small if you could cuz I don't know if they have them down here. I have to write to the mission president now but I love you all! I'm super glad to know your all doing well and its great to here from you!

Love you all,

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