Monday, November 25, 2013

Answering Mom's Questions:

Last weeks letter was shorter than usual and I realized that Bailey hadn't really told us much about the area and culture.  I asked him several questions and this is the letter that I received (Obviously, awesome is the word of the day.  I think Bailey is forgetting his English vocabulary:))

This week was a great week! Our numbers are coming back up. The weather is crazy like Utah but pretty much it's been super duper hot! Which is good because I accidentally lost my umbrella, but I mean it is killer hot!

Our investigators are doing super awesome and on track to be baptized, but with Cristian age 16 so still needs to talk to his parents and hes a little scared to do that... Claudio is doing super awesome! He actually got to baptize these 2 jovens for the other group of missionaries the other day, so that was super awesome!!!! And then this Sunday he blessed the sacrament!!! We want to go to the temple with him when it opens again after the 2nd because the missionaries can go and baptize for the dead. Solo the hombres and we can't be baptized, but its still super awesome!!!!

We definitely have been having lunch every day because we've been asking everyone!!!My Spanish is coming along super awesome because everyone in the house is speaking Spanish so its difficult but super awesome!!!

The food down here is awesome!! We eat a lot of pasta which I love, and this "barbecue" stuff called asado! It's chewie but pretty good!! The other day though we had blood sausage and intestines of something, let's just say I'm not a huge fan!!! People are obsessed with their mate down here!!!! They always have their cups with the straws in the hand and there big mug of boiling water in their arm, always!!!! It's kind if an art to do all this, but we cant drink it in the mission. But I  am definitely gonna buy a nice mate set before I go home!!!

I am in a country area, but close to the city, the airports like a 7 minute bus ride. It's pretty dirty and there are tons of dogs, everywhere! But I love it. You might be able to look it up by ,canelones, aeroparque. There are green fields and some people have grass.... I had an intercambio with our DL E' Pin and it changed my mission!!! He is so awesome and I learned so much from him in 1 day!! It was incredible!!! We invited 3 people with 2 fechas, to be baptized this day!!! It was an incredible experience. I love my comp, but he's a little trunkie,,,, solo thinking about home, because he goes home in 3 weeks, but it makes it hard to work like I want...

Oh yeah this old lady spanked me the other day because it was windy and I was fixing my tie and she thought I was playing with it so that was super awkward! The mission is going great and I'm lovin it and love you all!!!!

I get emails from people that I want emails from for the most part, because I only have an hour, so I don't have time for a lot, so I'm fine, but people can send me written letters and packages. Packages take forever, but I love them and's better and easier for me.

If you can send some regular size pictures of the family and see if my friends can get some too that would be awesome because everyone has this little photo albums for members and stuff and they love it!!! Thanks, I hope I get your package by Christmas too, I think they are going to hold the packages until the 17th for Christmas, but I'm excited!!! I love you guys a ton!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Short and sweet letter from today:)

Enotonces, this week was difficult!!! And last week!!! We've only had 2 new investigators, but both are going to be baptized for sure!!! One is a joven, 17, and scared to talk to his mom and ask for permission to be baptized, but Claudio is a family friend and is going to talk to them with us!!!

Despues, we have Rodrigo. We talked with him for the first time yesterday after Claudio sent us a message saying I have a friend who has had some problems in his life and is really interested in learning more about the church! He is awesome and I'm sure he's going to be baptized!

We did have almuerzo everyday this week because we begged so that was awesome!!!

Elder Pin, the new elder in the house, is our district leader. He only has 5 cambios in hte mission but he's super awesome!!! Elder Ha was definitely not the best leader. Actually, our zone leaders heard that he's not going to be leading any more...

This week has been cold and hot and windy!!! I think it was Friday that the wind was terrible and it was crazy hot and the wind was just a hot wind!!!! Plus it was picking up all the little rocks in the street and throwing them at us. It's been an interesting and difficult week, but it's always a good time!

You guys are nuts!!! Moving back to Indiana!!!!!!! I never thought I would hear that!!!  And Perry? At least they'll be speaking English! I bet Brig and Clara are happy to go back for Talmage and Bri.

 I wish I could've told you this earlier, but with packages the oficinas told me you should just write "Ayuda Familiar" and that's it because this way they send it through earlier....

I think I'm gonna start taking bets with all the missionaries I know of where you tguys are going to leave when I get home!!!! Love you guys and thank you!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Catching up before tomorrow!!!!!

I am sorry that I have not taken the time to post Elder Oliver's blog in the last two weeks.  He is doing great!  Here are the letters from his last two weeks:

So this week not to much happened... I missed Halloween, that was bummy, but it's all good. We're at the mall so I'll just buy myself some candy! We had oro training on Tuesday and that was good to see everyone from the CCM and how they are doing. I also learned that my Spanish is farther ahead than most everyone because  my comp is latino so that's nice! Friday the heavens oppened up and let it rain!!!! All day the rain was just destroying us!!! And the lightning was a little bit scary, but it was a good day. We didn't have a lot of charlas because we couldn't charla outside with the women with no men in the casa and nobody wanted to let us in becauase we were soaked, but it was fun! We got home and everything was soaked except my shirt cuz the jacket I have is awesome!!! 

Saturday we went to the Lider de Mision house and cooked curry with Elder Ha for Elder Huiara's birthday! It was fun and good! Then Herman Motta brought out the cake she made and, woof, let's just say that was good! 

I had to teach the lesson in the principles of gospel class for recent converts and investigators sunday.. Guess what it was on.... the final judgement. Ya, that was hard, but it went pretty good! Then we went to bishop's house for lunch and were there for 3 hours... It was bad, but we were talking about the ward and needs so that was good. Then we went out with the bishop and had 3 amazing charlas!!!!!!! We went to a recent converts house, German y Stefani. Stefani comes occasionally but German is always sleeping because he works a ton!!! There really young, I think 20 and have a baby girl and 1 on the way in December. They're super awesome and we're just preparing them for the temple. German is gonna start coming to church and bishop, I think, has a new job for him. Then we went to Federico a menos activo. He's so awesome! He's been MA for like 10 years, because he's gay and had problems with someone in the ward..... but he's making serious progress. He doesn't want to break the law of chastity so he's worthy in that way! Now its just the word of wisdom and astiendo a la iglesia. But with the help of bishop he gave us his word he would come to church Sunday and start having interviews with bishop!!!!

Oh yeah, bishop served his mission in Argentina and has only been home for 10 years. He's only 30, but he's so awesome!!! Its just so awesome to see people you are trying to help progress and accept your help in bringing them to Christ!!! My testimony has grown so much down here!! I can honestly say now that I know the power of this gospel and how it can bless everyone in every way!!! It's so sad when we see people that need the gospel, but don't except it!!! Oh, I have my first baptism this Saturday with Claudio, he's so awesomne and I'm stoked to baptize him.Thats all folks!! Love ME

It's so awesome you guys are doing great and that Claras working so hard! And of course people love Cam's work, he's incredible at what he does, thats just so awesome!!! 

YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO MOVE AGAIN!!!! CCCCCCAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEDDDDD IIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be good for Brig and E!!! and even Clara... and me... I'm sure you guys accomplished your purpose or maybe right now is just not the time! Just pray about it and I'm sure you'll feel peace that you guys did what you needed!!  I will definetely pray for you guys and I think I'll fast for you guys and Tanner too, because I've learned here on my mish the power fasting has! It's incredible! I'm so stoked for Joseph and the good influence he is on everyone.  It's so awesome!!!

Nov. 11, 2013,

This week was cambios. Elder Ha left for another area and Elder Pin came in his place. He is from Ecuador and knows 0 English, so I'm the only one in the house that can speak English...  It's really good cuz I'll learn fast, but its a little stressful. We found a big old taruntula in our apartment and I'm sure there's more were that came from. It was a bit of a rough week because we only got 2 new investigators, but 1 is gonna be baptized, I hope. Theres a good chance! But he's about the only investigator we have that's making any progress.... But we had a BAPTISM!!! Claudio was baptized!!! and he's so awesome!!! He's helping us by inviting all his friends and family and he's just so awesome. He's going to do amazing things in the church!!!  He already has a "calling" to welcome everyone in the church and help the new investigators feel welcome and he's lovin it!!!! 
It's so awesome!!! This Sunday when he was confirmed Elder Avila?? From the setenta was at church for some reason so it was really special for him. It was so awesome. Usually we have a ton of little kids running around and screaming but Elder Avila said, "All the kids raise your hand. Good, now look in my eyes and pay attention to this story about a kid like you" In Spanish, of course, and the kids were in awe and listened the whole time... Plus, we had the stake pres and bishop speak so it was an awesome Sunday.  It was so cool to have a baptism!! Claudio is gonna lead to so many more!! Now we just need to help him get married and head of to the temple! I want all the blessings of this gospel for him! He's just so incredible and has strengthened my testimony by recieving such a strong testimony himself. I think Elder Montenegro and I are going to get him to go to Institute. He's a little old, 31, but he's un gran capo!!! That was pretty much my week! Add 0 food from members and a lot of walking, its ok though because we went around in church begging for food and now we have lunch everyday and dinner for a couple... they don't eat dinner down here... so thats super nice!!!

Ps in the pic is E' MonteBlack, Yo, Hno Motta( DoM), Claudio, and his 2 hermanos.

Good to hear from you guys!!!  Is so awesome that they loved doing the splits with the missionairies!!! Now they know a little bit of what I feel now. No but my spanish is so much better. It's increasing exponentially! I can't spell in English anymore cuz Spanish is easier to spell things. Its super wierd now because when I talk to people in English, I end up switching to Spanish and its awesome but confusinfg!! So Cam got the job???? I figured!!!!  So good to hear from you guys!! Love you all a ton!!!!!!