Monday, October 14, 2013

Two months out!

Pday again, times flyin.  It's already been 2 months.  The mision is going great! Lots of walking. Lots of of working, and lots of eating! Its been cold and hot and the weather is like Utah, it just won't make up its mind. My Spanish is coming along really well, I still can't understand anything, but it's coming along.  I can talk a lot more! We eat with the members a lot! We actually have lunch every day this week, which is good cuz i have no money! I have about 1300 pesos I need reimbursed for but the financiers are super slow at it! Elder Ha, who I live with, used to be a financier and he said it only took him about 2 days and its been over a week! I did buy food today though. The only thing I look forward to on Pdays is writing, because my comp doesn't like to do anything, so we pretty much do nothing. Last week took a 40 min bus ride to a huge mall for nothing... I did get Mcdonalds though! It was 15 dollars for a meal with small drink med fry and an extra burger.... It was worth it though! Then we went to a Walmart type store so my comp could buy a new tie... then we left. It's alright though, I don't really need anything. Let's see. This week was a struggle. We didn't really have investigators, but then Saturday we started to fast and the miracles started to happen. Plus we've been doing things different and teaching from the BoM better and the spirit has been so much stronger in our lessons. We had a lesson with a recent convert and her non member friend, both much older, and the spirit was so strong at the end we asked her to pray to see if she should go to church the next day. We all knelt down, except her cuz she couldn't and she prayed, but she was like I know I'm not ready but when I am should go. I know she got an answer, but wasn't specific in her question... it's so sad, but we did all we could for her.  She and about 3 other investigators we are gonna stop focusing on because they are just not progressing... Its super sad, and hard because finding people is super hard, BUT  we've found 3 new investigators, one family, that are totally ready for baptism and it's just super awesome and about time because we haven't really had any true success until now and its just great!  It's just super great to finally be having success and the bishop is super awesome and super helpful.   He's super young too, he just had his second child, but he served in Argentina and he's trying to help us be the best missionaries we possibly can be and helping us get help from the members. What else?  We've been waking up at 6 to play soccer in the church. I'd rather sleep for another 30mins but its 3 against one.

Its super good to hear from you guys and awesome to hear how good you are doing.   Everyone is doing exciting things and it's just great.  I got a package from momom and popop that was so nice!  It was a little notebook, post it notes, adress labels and some ballons oh and a laser pointer-flashlight. Next email can you send recipes for breakfast lunch and maybe some desserts?  And how to make the potato salad and egg salad.  The recipes prefferably need to be simple and stove top or microwave. They can be for the oven but we haven't used it yet cuz theres no time.  It's amazing to hear that the oil stuff is working so well, especially with Cam.  Next time I will try to get more pics, but this computer doesn't have a place for an sd card. Next package I need those twistable scripture markers, if you can, cuz I'm out of the green, and a normal sized photo of the family cuz people love pics down here.  I love you all and its super great to hear from you.  I can't wait to call you in just 2 months.

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