Monday, October 7, 2013

A Picture and the newest letter October 7

Hola! So this week has been pretty long and rough! It's been rainy and super cold this week! It finally got nice yesterday! Our area is super huge so we walk a ton and all the references and old investigators adresses from the last missionaries are wrong so its super annoying when you walk 45 mins to find an investigator only to find out that the house doesn't exist. It just wastes our time. Plus, a lot of their "investigators" we took over aren't interested at all, so we've been trying to find a lot of new ones this week, but that was hard with conference taking up yesterday and Saturday. We were at the church all day so we got 0 work done on Saturday and Sunday in our area. We worked for like an hour in different areas with the offices (assistants, secretaries and financers) Because that's their area and got some work done. It was fun to go out with a different missionary, who spoke english, and learn from them. I love my companion! He's super great, but it gets really annoying sometimes that he doesn't speak english. And I'm trying so hard to be patient with my comp in the fact that he eats like a rabid dog who hasn't been fed in over a week, every time we eat!!! I mean we're missionaries and always hungry but not that hungry. The worst is when he eats his cereal during personal study.... OH well, he's super awesome other than that. My spanish is coming along really well I feel like, at least in the way that I can talk better. I still can't understand squat!!!! People say the understanding takes about 6 months because they speak such ugly spanish down here!!! Plus everyone says I'm blessed to have a latin comp because in 2 weeks when we meet back up with my district from the mtc for oro training they say I will be further ahead than everyone because I'm only ever around Spanish. I hope so cuz its been a struggle!

I've been seeing and realizing that miracles happen every day, big and small. Juan y Laura, our very 1st contact on my 1st day, have been great investigators. I think it was Tues that they told us in our charla that they wanted to quit smoking!!!! We had only taught them the restoration! It was awesome! I've learned to love the people down here! Its upsetting when they don't wanna hear the gospel! or when they don't keep up their commitments, like Laura! She says she knows what were saying is true, but she won't pray about it! She prays every day, just not about her questions.

The members down here take care of us and help us a lot! They're awesome! For some reason the people who feed us most are the menos activos so its always a good chance to get to know them and invite them to church. Wed this one couple made "Barbeque" they have no sauce or flavoring down here, but it was still good. the only problem is he kept loading us up with meat and I was full! That was the longest 30 min walk home ever! I thought I was gonna pop! Right now we're at this big mall writing, getting food and I think Elder Ha wants to go tie shopping. I wanted to go into a couple of the stores, but my comp doesn't understand that you can go into a store to look, you don't have to know what you're going to buy! Its ok though itll help me save my money! We definetely need feed! We brought it all to conference Saturday and ate it and then had no food for Sunday. Luckily we have these huge bags of cereal!!! The hardest thing for me has been waking up and working out in the mornings! I don't mind waking up, but on the mission its hard to wake up knowing your just gonna start working out! Plus Saturday we got home at 12 30 cuz priesthood session went till 11 and we had to set our clocks back an hour so we got 5 hours of sleep....

Conference was great though!!! It was fun and you get so much more out of it when its literally your job to be there watching! There were some spectacular talks and I wish my investigators would've gone. Pres Monson said very last that this conference has been one of the best, EVER! My favorite talk was probably by.. .No se,.,, I think it was Elder Holland? It was the last talk on Saturday morning! I just got so much out of it for my investigators, menos activos and just everyone!  I thought i was gonna have time to email to review my journal and notes, so I don't remember a whole lot, but it was a great session. If you want a talk on tithing you should watch elder Bednar's, he layed the smack down! " If you are not a full tithe payer you need to change your ways and repent now" The 13 North Americans watching together thought that was great.

It's great to here from you guys!!!! It's awesome you guys are all doing great and that everyone's happy!!! You guys are all doin so much its gonna be crazy when I get back! I don't have any pics, well maybe one, cuz I haven't had time to take any cuz were always busy, but I'll try to get you some by next week! And no, our apartment is not clean, even if we clean it all day today it wont be clean... I'll show you in a pic next week!

If you could activate my personal debit card to make it work down here that would be great! Also in a package if you could send a regular sized pic of the family that would be great, or a letter. People for some reason down here can't figure out who the parents are in our family pictures??? They all think Clara's the mom???? They also think Clara is the most beautiful woman on this planet! It's funny to try to listen to people talk about all that and how e and i are the same and cam and brig are the same. I miss you guys a lot and prey for you daily and its good to here the same. Love you all!


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