Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anxious to be out in the field--next week!

Hola!!!! So I'll start with proselyting. It was cold and supposed to rain, but it didn't LUCKILY!!!! We got a new area this week and it was a lot bigger, nicer and more developed. There were all sorts of stores and stuff we could go to. Even though it was freezing we got ice cream cuz there was a giant ice cream shop. it was great. we had another week of success. Well we started out having a ton of success and then for the middle 2 hours, out of 5, we had nothing it stunk! We decided to pray for people to teach and we went another 30 mins without success and then went on a rampage.We asked 4 people to get baptized, got 5 references and taught like 7 lessons! It was awesome! There was probably only one person we taught that would actually get baptized, but it would take some huge life turn arounds!!!! Unfortunately we only get an area for 2 weeks, give our references to those missionaries and then thats that. Unfortunately ,we don't get to know anything about our contacts. But its all good. Other than that my week has been pretty normal. I was good about writing in my journal and now I'm getting a little lax because all the days are pretty much the same. One of my companions is bugging me a little lately. Well kinda both of them. they like to wander around in the halls during our classes and study time and it bugs me. Plus they can't seem to quite get the concept of obedience.... The biggest rule they cant follow is eating outside the cafeteria... such a simple rule, but they cant follow it. Oh well... I'm super ready to get out of here!!! It's nice and stuff, but we've learned all the Spanish we have to learn and i feel like the only way to get better is out in the field. I'm outta here on Tuesday though!!! I get 5 mins to email that Monday, but after that i will always be emailing on Mondays so you'll have to wait until next week.

We had some incredible lessons this week. We learned a ton about the Priesthood. The best thing I learned was about Priesthood and Blessings. Priesthood Blessings don't work through faith... they work through the Priesthood Authority.... I thought that was super cool. The only faith they have to have is to ask the priesthood holders for the blessing. We also had a lesson on the power of the scriptures and how much you can get out of them. Look at John 12:4 and see how much you can get out of that, because our mtc president showed us so much, it was insane!!! He ended the lesson by telling us we should not go fishing and told us to write it in our journals "I will not go fishing". After Christ died Peter went back to fishing. We need to not go fishing, we need to remember what we learn on our mission and keep living that way. We then had a video devotional by Neil L Anderson yesterday and it was spectacular. it was called "First Love, Then Sacrifice". He talked about blessings and sacrifices, mainly about missions. He had a quote I love! "Sacrifice the things we love, We love the things we sacrifice." It was great. That's all I got.

That's really sad about Fernando's family. I'll keep them in my prayers, too bad she declined the blessing, that would've been great. I'm glad everyone is studying the gospel more!!!!! How's cam doin, I haven't heard from him? I guess him and Katie are still doin good? How's Ethan doing in learning Spanish and preparing for his mission? Hows Brig doin down in Mexico? I'm super glad Clara is reading her scrips and stuff that's great to hear. When people send me packages I really just want candy for now!!!! Like starbursts and sour patch kids and candy like that. Maybe some sweet ties too! That's all I can think about for now. Love you all!!!

Elder Oliver

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