Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb. 3, 2014

Hello friends and family--- Could you please help me out by emailing me pictures of yourselves so that I can mail them to Bailey in a small photobook?  Cary---

Wow, this week was another incredible week!!!! The mission had the goal of 130 baptisms in January and we reached it! We heard that one day Elder Anderson called the mission president and said, "President, how are you guys doing with your baptisms?" And president said, " Well it looks like we going to reach it and more", Then Elder Anderson said, "President, are goals, limits?" And then he put the goal to beat the old record, 152, we reached 155!!! It was an incredible month!!!!

Our President went home last Monday and our new President, Pres Cook from Idaho, isn't going to get here until the third week of March. so I think we have a 70 or someone as our Pres for a little bit.... But this is going to be an incredible month!!! I don't know what the goal is yet, but we are going to reach it!!!

For our area our goal is 8 and we had 4 this Sunday!!!!!! And 3 more this upcoming Sunday!!!! We're doing super awesome!!! We've been working a fool, but we are definitely seeing the fruits of our labors!! This week we reached all the normas de excelencia, these are the standards of excellency the mission has for every week and it's a task to reach them, but I finally did it for the first time and now I want to do it every week!!! Our baptisms names were, Marcos 9, Micaele 9, Pablo and Ismael 12. They are hopefully going to be the only 2 deacons we have in the ward in the next 2 weeks!!!! It was incredible this Sunday to be in a ward with only 8 priesthood holders in the whole ward, well this Sunday, and they all have the Melchezidek Priesthood... That's including us as well!!!

It's because here if it's hot, rainy, cold or between 2-5, everyone has a nap!!!! and nothing is opened!!!! They are super duper lazy down here!!!! They wonder why they're poor, it's because they sleep all day..... and the funny thing is there is a super rich member in the stake that has like 4 pharmacies and this little food car and it is by far the most successful food car here!!!! Why? it's great food, cheap and opened during lunch hours....

But the past 2 weeks have been super stormy and rainy and we here that this whole month is gonna be like that.... Oh well, OH yea I've learned that water proof shoes aren't that helpful... My pants get wet, which gets my socks wet and then the water gets in your shoes and never leaves. It's been super hard to dry my shoes and clothes, but I like the rain it's fun!!! I've learned the trick to missionary work and really to life is just the attitude that you have about everything!!! That's my week!!! Love you all!!!!

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