Monday, February 10, 2014

Bailey is having a bit of a rough time

Those of you who know and love Bailey, please keep him in your prayers.  This is the first bit of "negativity" that we have heard.  I am sure that he is fine, but your prayers and any snail mail letters or emails would certainly be appreciated!

So this week was incredible and incredibly hard and annoying!!!! First off, we had our 3 baptisms!!!!! That makes it 10 in the past 3 weeks!!!! I have no idea how we are finding all of thes people, but we just work and work and then work harder!!!! We reached all the goals for our numbers this week as an area and were at the top of the chart!!!! It's not a competition, but it's definitely good to see the fruits of your labor. Especially when your leaders don't believe in you... But what are we gonna do...?

I think it was Wed, the assistants showed up at our house to do an intercambio with the zone leaders, it was actually divisions. That day I was with E' Ipson from my district on an intercambio and I challenged the Assistants with our Zone Leaders to see who could find 10 new investigators first, which was a very high goal for one day!!! They only needed to find 5 each, but we won, it was awesome to have a little friendly competition to help the people here..... especially when you win!!!

Even though we baptized, it's been kind of a rough week... Our Mission Pres and the Assistants want us to baptize, but then our Zone leaders, Stake Pres and bishop and members aren't happy with us. I don't understand why, we baptize, they're all mad, we don't baptize, they're all mad, but who cares, as long as were baptizing!!!

My comp is awesome and he helps me a ton have patience and figure out what we should do! He's  helped me more than you can imagine this week! And then today we didn't have the other missionaries at the house helping us clean and I was kind of upset, but then my comp starting singing "put your shoulder to the wheel" (in English even) and I remembered all the crappy days doing bounce houses with dad, when everyone was screwing up and we had to fix all the problems and we would sing, "Put Your Shoulder to the Bounce House"! It's really incredible the things you remember from the past! It's pretty much what you've learned and time spent with the family (that matters), it's pretty awesome. That's why I'm glad we're helping all these kids here get baptized, they're going to remember the experiences in the church their whole life, but probably none of the other stupid mistakes they make outside of church, its super awesome!!!

Oh the weather has sucked this week, it's been hot and rainy, hotter and rainier or just super hot. I think Thurs night here it was 89 degrees in the house at like 11:30.  Lets just say it was kind of hot! But Over all, I'm doing great and I love seeing people learn about the gospel and hearing from you guys!!! Love you tons!!!!

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