Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan 28, 2014

Hey everyone! So this was pretty awesome! We won the little competition and we had 3 baptisms on Sunday!!! Milagros, Tamara and Yamila! It was an incredible day!!!!! The first time I got to baptize someone and I baptized 3 people!!! It was incredible because Yamila quit smoking on Saturday and still hasn't smoked since!!! And now her mom and dad want to get married and quit smoking as well!! It's just super awesome!

Yesterday we got cambios and everyone in our district is staying except for one hermana. It's kind of sad because she is probably one of the best missionaries in the mission, but the crazy thing is the hermana coming in is from my group and the hermana staying here is my from group. They were comps in the MTC!!!! It's crazy!!! This change is going to be super awesome and we are going to have a lot of baptisms!!!!

The mission is only 6 baptisms away from our goal of 130 this month, doubling last year in January. I think it's 1: because our mission president is leaving.  2: He promised the 12 apostles that we will reach this goal, so I think that we have them praying for our mission specifically!!!!

This week has been hot, cold, rainy and even hotter, but we've been finding miracles all week and we will continue to find them!!!
Elder Oliver

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