Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catch up letters:)

Hey! This week was crazy. We are in Zone Este which is the zone with the offices and mission home and all that stuff, so we are always helping!!! We had the conferencia de navidad  and that was super cool! Then we had this huge multi stake actividad Sat and Sun that we helped set up for and do! It was from 8-12 both nights and we had to stay for all of it, so I'm pretty much dead!!!! but they were all super cool!!

My comp, Elder Pike, was in the choir for the conference and the stake activity, it was amazing. The people were in awe at the choir of our mission. They got a standing ovation both nights! Sat there were about 350 and Sunday about 500! But it kind of stunk because we had no time at all to work, but this week we're going get stuff done!!!

He's from SLC Utah and he's super awesome! I heard that he's one of the best missionaries in the whole mission and I can definately see it! He only has 8 months in the mission and 13 baptisms and he's just awesome! We are going to baptize together!!! We haven't really had time to get to know each other, but we do know that we are going to work super hard and super well together this exchange! I'm prettty excited!!!!!! I've been doing a lot better at talking with the members this week and calling people on the phone so that's good! I think that's about it!! Feliz Navidad everyone!!!!!!!!

Hola! Thank you so much for the package, it was great!!! I love the Christmas tree, it's super awesome!!!! Something I did learn though, It's better to send real food like peanut butter and stuff than candy, but I'm not complaining, I loved it!!! I'm glad you guys are doing super great!!! We are going to do skype at 3 our time, so i think thats 10 there! I'm super stoked to talk to you guys and see how everything is going, talk to you Wednesday!!!!!! Love you!!!

And the next one:

Well I'm gonna start with this..... 5 mins ago I got a call and I'm leaving on a special change tomorrow at 10 to oblisquo or something like that because there are some elders having trouble up there and I'm supposed to go and help fix it.... I think... I'm not really sure, but that's crazy I'm gonna miss my area!!! That's just an unexpected change and its to treinta tres which is super far away. Part of that zone is in Brazil.

It was a super great Christmas. I think it was in the 100s all week... I  dunno, but it was hot, hot, hot!!! Now I'm headed farther up north and I'm gonna die!!!! Talking with the families on skype though really animated us as a companionship and we just went out and destroyed that day!!! We have been planning in a different way lately. Usually we just write about 12 names down to visit per day, but now were writing about 40 or 45 and that's why we saw miracles on Christmas!!! Every, every, EVERY charla we had planned that day failed, but the Lord knew we were trying our hardest and put people in our path that day! We found 6 new investigators and just had a killer day. We didn't really have a lot of other success this week, E Pike and I felt like failures cuz were supposed to be the examples, but we have or I guess now had all these plans to change that. We were gonna do some great things together this change, but I've learned a ton from him this week!!! He's taught me a lot about being a leader and I'm just glad I got to be comps with such an incredible missionary. Now I just hope that I can use what I learned from him the rest of my mission!!! That was pretty much the week, hot, Christmasy, and even more hot!!!

Thank you for all that you guys do for me!! Just talking to you guys on Christmas day gave me so much more animo just to get out there and give it my all for the next 2 years!! I'm so happy you are all doing great and Cam looks like Santa Clause mixed with a leprechaun. He's really taking on the computer programmer. I'm just glad I can't grow that much hair, its already annoying enough to shave once a day! Thanks for the email and  the package and all the other stuff you do for me!!!! I love you guys a ton!!! I'm excited to hear the responses to that video!!!!

And the last one:

Bueno, I am in treinta tres ahora, in the area Obelisco A. My comp is Elder Arellano, another Peruvian comp, but he's super awesome!!! He is the DL here and has 15 months in the mission. He is a super capo!!! We also live with the 2 Zone Leaders, so it's super cool to learn from them and how the mission works for the ZL and it's just super awesome!!! Our house is pretty big and super nice!!! Way nicer than my last house! We have a big back yard and stuff to barbecue, with fire, along with 2 lemon trees and a huge grape vine that'll be ripe in Feb! Our new area is super great and we're gonna have a lot of success here!!!

Our ward only has 50 people that go and nobody plays the piano, now I wish I would've stuck with those piano classes, I really do regret it! But the ward is so so with the comida and not very good at helping us, but we're gonna change that! We had the best numbers I've ever had in my mission so far this past week and we're just gonna get better every week!

Oh yeah, there's also 2 misioneras, girls, in our ward. 1 is from my group from the MTC, so that's pretty cool! The weather has been super rado here, hot, hot, hot, rainy like crazy then hot, but I really do love this area! It is like a 20 min walk from the house to get to area, but with the way my short little comp walks we get there in like 10... He's crazy!!! Our area is stinkin huge!!!!! We took like a 7 min car ride past what i thought our limits were with the 2nd counselor to visit someone and then he said 11 more kilometers farther out is a few members and he said it was even bigger than that!!!!! We need a car, or at least bikes.... Oh well, my legs are gonna get huge here!!!!

I'm learning a ton from my new comp, I'm still upset I had to leave my other area, but I'm loving it here!!! Our zone is huge, huge, huge!!!!! The Zone Leaders did an intercambio with chewy, the border of Brazil, and they had to take a 2 and half hour bus ride!!!!! Locaso!

I did have to take a 4.5 hour bus ride to get to my area from the main area in Montiveideo..... It's awesome though, cuz everything is way way cheaper here!!!! Our area is the outskirts of a city and so we have 2 super markets to buy stuff and its a ton cheaper than my other area!!!!!

We did an activity today as a zone, white elephant!!! At least for those who could come, it was super fun!!! I won a Uruguay thermas! Oh yeah, in our District is the hermanas who are probably the best compaƱerismo, until this week, in the zone, then us, then the zone leaders and then we have 2 missionairies who don't like to work a lot. They have about 12 people that came to there rama and they are having a hard time, but I had an intercambio there on Friday and actually had a really good day.

I'm loving the mission, but the time is literally flying by!!! A lot faster than what I would like!!! But hay que trabajar a fool!! I love you guys and thank you for all your prayers, they really are necessary every day!!!!!

Hey, sounds like you guys are cold!!!! I like the cold, it's really hot here!!! REALLY REALLY HOT! Sounds like you guys are doing good and moving again, no surprise!!! That's so cool about Cam!! That's super duper awesome for him!!!!!! Love you guys a ton!!! You're all awesome! Love you!!!

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