Monday, March 24, 2014

Elder Oliver's catchup:)

March 3, 2014

The 40 scripts is hard, but its going!!! I pick scripture mastery or just scriptures that are direct and teach something useful! The new video is super cool!!!! That'll be great!!! This week we met an 18 year old kid names Johnathan! He smokes, drinks and likes women, but for some reason after the charla my comp and I both felt like he was gonna be baptized... we found him Saturday and he came to church on Sunday!!! He was wearing these dirty clothes, but for some reason to me and my comp it looked like he was wearing a white shirt and tie!!! He didn't like his classes that much because the teacher asked him questions and he was a lot older than everyone in the class, but he told us it would be cool to go on a mission!!!! It's gonna take some work with him, but he is getting baptized!!!! Thanks for the letter!!!! Love you tons!!!!!

March 11, 2014

So, I was learning the 40 scriptures and then I forgot one night so, now I'm not, but I still remember all of the scriptures and I think I might start over again! Some of the people we thought were gonna get baptized, well haven't been baptized yet, but we're definitely working on it!!! Wilson got baptized Sunday for the Stake baptisms, it was an awesome experience!!!! So the weather here is hot hot hot during the day and cold cold cold during the night!!! It is going to be one heck of a cold winter!!! The work is goin great here! We have a lot of people to teach and at the same time we are finding a lot of new people!!! The members are helping out a little bit more, but I hope this change they finally really start helping! So crazy thing, remember E' Pike, my comp before this special change I had, he's gonna be my comp here in Obelisco!!!! And my comp is going back with his old comp to my first house, he is gonna be in my same house and get to know my converts!!!! Oh crazy thing about that, Alejandro, the 19 year old I baptized, is getting the Melchizedek Priesthood next week!!! That made me super happy!!! Both my converts have gone to church every Sunday!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked for them!!!! It's so cool to see the affect of the church in people after only a little bit of time!!! I love being a missionary!!!

Seminary is nothing, get used to it for the mission buddy!!!!

March 17, 2014

So this week was pretty great!!! We baptized Gonzalo this week and it was great. He's a great kid and now I think his mom is interested in being baptized, so we'll see how that one goes!!! Elder Pike and I worked super hard this week to start preparing people to be baptized this month so that they can be happy in this life and so that we can reach the goal of 33 as a zone!!! Everyone thought we were crazy when we put that goal, but we're gonna get it!!! In our house we're 4 gringos so it's been pretty awesome and way fun!!!! It also helps that we all want to be obedient and we all know how to work hard and be good missionaries!!! I know this change I'm going to learn a ton from all of them and it's going to be great!!!! This week was pretty much just a lot of working and more learning!!! I'm loving the mission and hope you guys are all doing great!!!!!

Hey guys!!! To be honest, I haven't been getting letters from anyone.... Actually one from Mom Mom, I don't even really get emails from anyone other than you and Mom Mom, occasionally someone else, like this week Colby, but pretty much I just write you and Mom Mom.  Love you and thanks for everything!!!

March 24.2014

This week has been pretty good and pretty rough at the same time!!! We baptized Gonzalo, but he decided not to go to church this Sunday to get confirmed... His mom isn't super interested, but were gonna get her interested and help her get baptized so that Gonzalo can stay in church!!! It's pretty said though because our ward was better when it was a branch... The last 3 branch presidents are menos activos.... So pretty much we have a lot of working to do! Also we were waiting on 6 people to go to church to Sunday and only 1 went. We had to drop 2 really great investigators because they just wont read, pray or go to church. It stinks having to drop investigators, but we can only do so much to help the people... We didn't see a lot of success this week, actually probably the worst week since I've been in this area(3 months), but it just animates us to go and have an incredible week this week!!! My Spanish is doing incredibly well... It's crazy that just after 7 months I'm just comfortable speaking and can almost always understand!!! I still have a lot of work to do on my accent and I need to learn a lot more words, but it's a lot easier to understand. There are still some people that are just impossible to understand, but it's not to bad!!! We are definitely having some cold days and some super hot days!!! At night and in the morning though it's getting way cold!!! I have to use blankets again!!!

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